Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer Has Been Busy!

Hi there, again! Summer has been so busy thus far. Through trying to balance working from home and finding things for the children to do that doesn't include video games, I took a day off and ventured to Fiesta Falls Mini-Golf in St. Augustine.

My kids love mini golf and I don't think enough people know about this little treasure by the sea. They have a little hotel right next door where you can stay right on the beach, too! They've done a great job at keeping it in shape and playable; and while it's HOT this time of year, there are a few holes to take you up high enough to get a glimpse of the ocean and feel the sea breeze come through.

St. Augustine Mini Golf for kids

They also offer slushies, ice cream and sodas; and their restrooms are clean. They don't have any video games, or laser tag, so if that's what you're interested in, then it definitely won't work for you. But, if you want a nice, clean place to take your kids to play putt-putt while relaxing and just enjoy having fun together, then this place is for you!

**April Peebles is a natural-light photographer based out of the Jacksonville, FL area. She is a mom to three children, now ranging in age from 10 to 19. If you'd like to see more of her work, feel free to check out her website.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Welcome to Summer!

I really am at my other website now . . . (see link in the post below). I randomly check in every once in a while here. I'm going to get on a blog schedule where I'm actually doing more than just business talk over there, so I do hope you'll come and check in. 

I know a lot of you got to know me here, through both scrapbooking and playgroups, and well, I miss that connection . . . but I need that connection with my clients, too. Please head over to my business site and see what's been happening with us. I'm getting ready to post about our big event that just happened last Wednesday. 

Here's a hint (because I can't seem to post without a photo included anymore).

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wow, I can't even begin to realize that it's been one year to the day since that last post. I've done it! I've taken the giant leap and am now an entrepreneur. The wishes and dreams I posted last year still hold true, but I've also realized living those dreams are a lot harder to do than I anticipated. Those aren't the sessions that pay the bills, that's for sure. And as a business owner, bills must be paid.

I'm officially April Peebles Photography. You can find me over there at the blog portion. It's been mainly work-related, but I do definitely plan on keeping it real and blogging about my real life too. From my website, you can get to all of my other links such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook (both personal and business), and Twitter.

Here's some of my recent work . . .

Hope to see you all again soon!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Official!

You may have noticed I was once again quiet around here, and I apologize. I've been very busy with gathering images for my portfolio, purchasing domains, and getting a website set up! You see,  I'm joining the ranks of professional photographers everywhere. I know, I know. The stuff you see here is not "that great" and it's because I do still "just take snapshots" of my family life. I don't "try" and make my home "work." What I can tell you is that photography has only grown more and more as a passion for me since picking up my first "psuedo" dlsr back in 2002. In October, I became the new owner of a D700 and have been having a ball with lightroom. I'm not even feeling the need to shoot in raw anymore, and that is a huge sense of accomplishment when I can get it right straight out of the camera.

Anyhow, before I got that new camera, I was asked by a friend to take pictures at her "wedding celebration." You see, they had eloped to Vegas and they still had the reception venue booked for a party on the original date. I loved it, even though I felt a tad limited by my lenses and my camera's inability to handle very high iso and the fact that it was an evening celebration. I still managed to get some shots captured that are so perfect of the newlyweds.

My goal is to shoot lifestyle photography; maybe events for kids (like birthday parties for the little ones), newborns in their cribs and in mom or dad's lap on their own personal sofa in the comfort of their own home; and family portraits in their front porch steps. With the poeple I'm photographing involved with those around them, and doing things that are normal or important to them - capturing personalities and relationships. I believe it's the scrapbooker in me that wants everyone to have meaningful images and portraits, not just a flower field location that doesn't hold memories for the clients. I believe it's the memories that will help keep the images I take for them around for a lifetime and not end up stored away in some drawer, never to see the light of day.
So, now you know :) Please wish me luck!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Almost a year ago . . .

was my last post here on this blog of mine . . .

I needed the break, I think. I needed to not feel the pressure to be here every day, or even every week.

I still continued with my project life album (though I almost forgot I had a flickr account since I wasn't here sharing!) and I worked diligently on Stacy's Twelve. class over at BPC. I found a rhythm in creating my layouts and I'm HAPPY . . .

Last year, I also became a huge fan of GlitterGirl. While I had taken classes with Shimelle before (Blogging for Scrapbookers and Journal Your Christmas), GlitterGirl and seeing her processes in scrapbooking, completely won me over. I took a class over the holidays called Cover to Cover and I've merged it wonderfully with my existing Library of Memories. I can't wait to share more about this in the coming weeks and months with you . . . if you're still around. :)

For now, I'll leave you with the photo of a slight double rainbow I took last week from my front yard . . . and wish you well. I've missed you!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Project Life March Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to the March Project Life Blog Hop! I'm still very much loving this project. I'm in a very happy routine of taking photos, emailing them to myself from my iphone (if taken from there) and printing on a regular basis.

If you have found your way here randomly, then please feel free to jump to the start of the hop at Jill's site. If you found your way here from Alissa's site, then you are most definitely in the right spot!

Last month, I mentioned that I was planning on showing you how I put a spread together, but the photos never got taken with all the wet rainy days we had. Instead, my plan is to just walk you through the layouts I completed this month and just share a bit of each. I do have one or two photos to share first of my desk workspace and how my PL stuff is organized in my studio. It's nothing special, but maybe just a little something to show you that it doesn't have to be a perfect setup!

Here is my desk area, with my Project Life album sitting on it. The turquoise basket is where I collect memorabilia that I may want to add throughout the week. If I end up really low on photos and not enough memorabilia, then I just go scour my  house. The Project Life core kit is sitting there along with my leftovers from the turquoise kit. I print some of the printable cards out (the free downloads and the ones I've paid for) and cut them apart and stick them inside the Core Kit package.

This is a drawer that sits to my left on the floor. It contains the journaling tags and labels that I've collected over the years. It's not organized in the slightest other than that they're things to write on and add to a page/pocket.

The one other thing I have that I use (with no picture of it) is a plastic 12x12 Iris case that holds my most recent purchases of paper. I LOVE having that right here at my table so I can just pull it open and browse through it to decide which pieces to add to my journaling cards.

On Mondays I pull my album back to my scrapbook table and pull images from my library, resize and edit, and then send to Walgreens for one hour developing. I then start pulling papers and journaling cards and filling in the cards that won't have photos added to them. It's a pretty simple process when I take good notes in my calendar/planner . . . Here's the layouts from February :-)


A "typical" end table photo; Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin; popcorn for snack; working on homework; a treasure found on our hall table; an image of our local elementary school; my daughter at district soccer games and doing chores on a Saturday morning. I LOVE journaling in this album. I am not one to fill everything with pictures. To me, Project Life is a place to record little glimpses into our life that may otherwise be forgotten since I don't usually deem the story (or one photo) big enough to require an entire layout.


Week 6 included breakfast for dinner; BOTH of my boys eating breakfast; an extremely good week in the classroom; my daughter curling her hair (and the photo she posted to facebook); participating in "A Day in the Life" via Ali Edwards; a good hair day; frozen pizza, snack time on the sofa; and laundry . . .


Week 7 included crazy weather, Valentine's day, a trip to Tampa for my daughter's high school State Finals - and a WIN; a trip by an old family constant and fun times with friends . . . I am SO grateful for this week - and for project life to hold the little pieces of our life . . .


Week 8 was REALLY lacking on the photos, but that's okay. I LOVE that I got to include memorabilia from our everyday life more than usual. My daughter found a prom dress - quickly. The story that goes with it is inside the first 3x4 insert card. A postcard from the optamalogist; a picture of ideas she liked; a piece of the fabric from the dress she chose; a dinner card from the restaraunt we ate at Saturday night; a tag from hubby's "drink of choice" these days . .  and thank goodness for my daughter taking photos with her iphone too or I wouldn't have ended up with half the pictures I did get! (PS the dress image insert is not what she bought, it's just what she went with the mind to try on).

I'm enjoying using Washi tape and printing some free printable cards to journal on - especially of the 4x6 size since I don't want to use all the foldable cards. I did buy the label and 4x6 ones from Marcy Penner. Also, I couldn't live without my Instagram app!

Thanks again for stopping by!! You're now off to visit Noelia's site. I hope to see you stop by again next month! If you get lost or there's a broken link somewhere along the way, feel free to come back here and click on the list of participants below!

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

February 5 Project Life Blog Hop

Welcome to the Project Life February Blog Hop! If you have just come to visit my blog but would like to view all the other participants, feel free to start at Jill's blog ( and follow along. We're a small group this month so it shouldn't take too long to visit everyone and say hi!

(otherwise known as How I Am Able to Appreciate the Everyday While Still Having Time to Live It!)

That's right, instead of spending every waking hour living it, I'm now in a daily habit of pausing and realizing just how good life is all around me. I also don't get so hung up on recording and "appreciating" life that I forget to live it! How do I find that balance? It's all thanks to Becky Higgins' Project Life creations! For years (since 2000), I scrapbooked traditional layouts, and I still do. I did not take the plunge into Becky's products for a good while, or lightly when I did. After all, how could ALL of our stories get told with just a spread a week? And that's when I realized that this captures the every day but it doesn't mean this is ALL I have to do! Project Life is not very time consuming, and it's helping me tell the stories that otherwise get pushed off into "some other day." These aren't the big stories, but rather the little moments that I would forget about from one week to the next. Project Life is also helping me remember to collect and USE everyday memorabilia. Things like drawings or napkins from restaurants; or a photo of the mess of toys on the end table. Signs that we are living a chaotic and full life, of images that would otherwise not be put onto a layout right away and instead, likely get put into my category drawers for waiting for connections to be made some time down the road.

Some of you may be asking, "Well, April, if you're using this, are you still following Stacy's Library of Memories system too?" My answer is absolutely, 100% YES! There is most definitely a place in my library for Project Life. They work together beautifully.

What I'm Using:
  • Cobalt Core Kit and Album
  • Clementine cardstock
  • Design A Big Pack Page Protectors
  • Design B, D, F (and soon to be G) alternative options for Page Protectors
  • various 4x3 journaling blocks found around the web (many for free)
  • journaling spots from October Afternoon, Jillibean Soup, Studio Calico to name a few.

How I'm Organized:
  • I have my album and journaling cards on a hall table near our kitchen (pictured below, though journaling cards are under table on a shelf)
  • Also with my album are Post-it Notes and a pen (I jot down photos I take throughout the week and quotes that are said)
  • I have all other supplies in my studio
Next month, I'll delve into how I work on each weekly spread of my Project Life pages so I hope you'll join us for the March Blog Hop. For now, feel free to enjoy this slideshow of my 2012 Project Life so far. You can click on the tab above to see my 2011 Project Life as well, or click on any slideshow images to be taken to my Flickr gallery.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! I love to reply personally to each comment but you have to be sure you have your email turned on in your profile (or leave it in the comments section).

Your next stop is Brooke's blog. If you come across a broken link or get lost, feel free to come right back here and browse the other participants below!





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