Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Official!

You may have noticed I was once again quiet around here, and I apologize. I've been very busy with gathering images for my portfolio, purchasing domains, and getting a website set up! You see,  I'm joining the ranks of professional photographers everywhere. I know, I know. The stuff you see here is not "that great" and it's because I do still "just take snapshots" of my family life. I don't "try" and make my home "work." What I can tell you is that photography has only grown more and more as a passion for me since picking up my first "psuedo" dlsr back in 2002. In October, I became the new owner of a D700 and have been having a ball with lightroom. I'm not even feeling the need to shoot in raw anymore, and that is a huge sense of accomplishment when I can get it right straight out of the camera.

Anyhow, before I got that new camera, I was asked by a friend to take pictures at her "wedding celebration." You see, they had eloped to Vegas and they still had the reception venue booked for a party on the original date. I loved it, even though I felt a tad limited by my lenses and my camera's inability to handle very high iso and the fact that it was an evening celebration. I still managed to get some shots captured that are so perfect of the newlyweds.

My goal is to shoot lifestyle photography; maybe events for kids (like birthday parties for the little ones), newborns in their cribs and in mom or dad's lap on their own personal sofa in the comfort of their own home; and family portraits in their front porch steps. With the poeple I'm photographing involved with those around them, and doing things that are normal or important to them - capturing personalities and relationships. I believe it's the scrapbooker in me that wants everyone to have meaningful images and portraits, not just a flower field location that doesn't hold memories for the clients. I believe it's the memories that will help keep the images I take for them around for a lifetime and not end up stored away in some drawer, never to see the light of day.
So, now you know :) Please wish me luck!