Monday, March 05, 2012

Project Life March Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to the March Project Life Blog Hop! I'm still very much loving this project. I'm in a very happy routine of taking photos, emailing them to myself from my iphone (if taken from there) and printing on a regular basis.

If you have found your way here randomly, then please feel free to jump to the start of the hop at Jill's site. If you found your way here from Alissa's site, then you are most definitely in the right spot!

Last month, I mentioned that I was planning on showing you how I put a spread together, but the photos never got taken with all the wet rainy days we had. Instead, my plan is to just walk you through the layouts I completed this month and just share a bit of each. I do have one or two photos to share first of my desk workspace and how my PL stuff is organized in my studio. It's nothing special, but maybe just a little something to show you that it doesn't have to be a perfect setup!

Here is my desk area, with my Project Life album sitting on it. The turquoise basket is where I collect memorabilia that I may want to add throughout the week. If I end up really low on photos and not enough memorabilia, then I just go scour my  house. The Project Life core kit is sitting there along with my leftovers from the turquoise kit. I print some of the printable cards out (the free downloads and the ones I've paid for) and cut them apart and stick them inside the Core Kit package.

This is a drawer that sits to my left on the floor. It contains the journaling tags and labels that I've collected over the years. It's not organized in the slightest other than that they're things to write on and add to a page/pocket.

The one other thing I have that I use (with no picture of it) is a plastic 12x12 Iris case that holds my most recent purchases of paper. I LOVE having that right here at my table so I can just pull it open and browse through it to decide which pieces to add to my journaling cards.

On Mondays I pull my album back to my scrapbook table and pull images from my library, resize and edit, and then send to Walgreens for one hour developing. I then start pulling papers and journaling cards and filling in the cards that won't have photos added to them. It's a pretty simple process when I take good notes in my calendar/planner . . . Here's the layouts from February :-)


A "typical" end table photo; Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin; popcorn for snack; working on homework; a treasure found on our hall table; an image of our local elementary school; my daughter at district soccer games and doing chores on a Saturday morning. I LOVE journaling in this album. I am not one to fill everything with pictures. To me, Project Life is a place to record little glimpses into our life that may otherwise be forgotten since I don't usually deem the story (or one photo) big enough to require an entire layout.


Week 6 included breakfast for dinner; BOTH of my boys eating breakfast; an extremely good week in the classroom; my daughter curling her hair (and the photo she posted to facebook); participating in "A Day in the Life" via Ali Edwards; a good hair day; frozen pizza, snack time on the sofa; and laundry . . .


Week 7 included crazy weather, Valentine's day, a trip to Tampa for my daughter's high school State Finals - and a WIN; a trip by an old family constant and fun times with friends . . . I am SO grateful for this week - and for project life to hold the little pieces of our life . . .


Week 8 was REALLY lacking on the photos, but that's okay. I LOVE that I got to include memorabilia from our everyday life more than usual. My daughter found a prom dress - quickly. The story that goes with it is inside the first 3x4 insert card. A postcard from the optamalogist; a picture of ideas she liked; a piece of the fabric from the dress she chose; a dinner card from the restaraunt we ate at Saturday night; a tag from hubby's "drink of choice" these days . .  and thank goodness for my daughter taking photos with her iphone too or I wouldn't have ended up with half the pictures I did get! (PS the dress image insert is not what she bought, it's just what she went with the mind to try on).

I'm enjoying using Washi tape and printing some free printable cards to journal on - especially of the 4x6 size since I don't want to use all the foldable cards. I did buy the label and 4x6 ones from Marcy Penner. Also, I couldn't live without my Instagram app!

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