Friday, February 03, 2012

Sustaining Creativity . . .

I'm working on sustaining creativity this year in regards to my scrapbooking hobby. I would often particiapte in Layout A Day Challenges with Lain Ehmann, but I've come to realize that after each of those months, I was burnt-out. I had no juice left to create the other 9-10 months of the year. It was sad, and when those LOAD months were falling during already hectic times and I wasn't completing half of the days, it really put a damper on my creative flow. This year, I'm participating in Twelve  at Big Picture Classes and having a ball so far. The goal is 12 layouts a month for the entire year . . . I accomplished a total of 7 in January. We are including Project Life layouts since it's creative, time consuming and scrapbooking . . . so that was 4 spreads that I've already shared, plus the following.

My daughter and many of her core group of friends. I LOVE that she took her camera and took pictures!! This layout was created using a Basic Grey kit of the month kit from a few years back. I followed the directions pretty closely.


I loved this series of photos. This boy is now 9 1/2 and every bit of energetic as he always was. He still has yet to ever fall asleep anywhere but in his bed (or car on a long drive) and he is able to stay up WAY later than most of us. In fact, he was left with his big sister babysitting overnight and he NEVER went to sleep. She fell asleep at 2:30 and woke back up at 7 and he was STILL up. He later took a nap for a few hours that day. What is it with kids?? They love to sleep in on school days, and stay up all night on weekends . . . and they seeem to be almost afraid that they're going to miss something good. Then we grow up and we LOVE to sleep in!

I think you can read the journaling pretty well. This was part of my childhood room in the house I lived in from the time I was 2-17 years old. And yes, it's a Poison poster on the wall and a Great White poster on the door. I'm VERY glad that THIS memory is now recorded, from the dreadful lavendar walls to the piles of clothes.

How do you work on sustaining creativity in your world - whether you're a scrapbooker or not? Have you ever experienced that burn out after a big push like I did in LOAD or do you find a way to just keep going?

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Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake! said...

Hi again! I totally understand what you mean about LOAd and possible burnout. The life I lead while living in China is so much less busy and hectic (not to mention we have a lot of household help) than living in the States that I actually can participate in LOAD without it being overwhelming and honestly, I rarely scrpabook otherwise. That is why I joined TWELVE because I want to be scrapbooking more consistently throughout the year. I do need Feb LOAd to catch up on Jan since almost the whole of the month is travel and more holidays (the Chinese holiday is right after Xmas so it is a weird rhythm to our year and puts a huge damper on teh scrapbooking). I'm not sure I could keep up with LOAD while living in the States but stranger things have happened. I'm excited to follow along on your progress throughout TWELVE.