Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life | Week Three

I know, I know . . . I never got last weeks (and the previous week's post) up. I did complete the Project Life pages for those weeks (and even finished 2011's album) last week, but by the time I finished, it was Wednesday and when I tried to upload images from my hard drive, my security settings shut down my internet browser and I never made it back in to finish. Does anyone else have these issues with blogger and pulling images off your hard drive? Maybe I should be uploading to flickr first and then pull the images to my blog from there. All I know is part of my issue with blogging is stemming from the fact that uploading pictures to my blogger account has become a pain in the you-know-what!

Without further delay, here is my Week 3. It was very simple and I've started using a lot of instagram images which I love including in my album.

Warm weather, quick dinner, daughter dressed up for a class debate, and my youngest at the computer and eating lunch on their holiday from school (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Another thing I'm doing this year is leaving the 4x6 images and inserts as 90 degree angles. No corner punching for me hopefully will make this process a little quicker. PLUS, I was liking the way it looked when I viewed other layouts from other people completing the project.
Love the shots I'm able to include from my daughter and texts in my Project Life. I have never taken a photo of my camera until now, so I HAD to include that. Friday night was seeing Wicked. The tangled parachute guys were what I worked on for an hour after my kids had gone to bed. On top of my Project Life album that sits open on the hall table near my kitchen and laundry room and boys' bedrooms. Love that I captured that type of "event" this week.

I printed my instagram images at 2.25 inches square this week. Last week I had gone with 2.75 but that was almost to wide to fit in the smaller journaling pockets, let alone mount them on journaling cards/scrap paper. I do still use full images in the journal pockets sometimes, but I didn't this week. I took two of the smaller 2.75x3.75 images and put them together in a 4x6 pocket from our Girls Night Out to see Wicked. Paislee Press has a few 4x6 photo templates so that you can quickly drag and drop images into PSE (or Photoshop) and resize and crop them. I used these for the images that were NOT instagram photos.

There ya have it: Week Three in review! (and I got it done on Tuesday too!!)

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Monica said...

Love seeing all your journaling! Don't sweat the blogging, the important part is that you have 3 weeks DONE :) I upload my pictures to Flickr and then copy html link in my post.

April said...

Looks good. I am still working up the courage to start mine, I know I need to just dive in but life is happening.

I know exactly what you mean about photos being a pain on blogger, now. They format all weird and hardly ever do what I want. 3/4 of my blogging time is spent trying to get the photos to behave in the post.

I'm not even spending any of that time uploading. I'm using an eye-fi card and letting it upload my photos to flickr FOR me. Then all I have to do is switch them from being private.