Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life | Week Four

I can't believe it's already Tuesday again!

The Mom Creative

I'm trying something new by uploading images to Flickr first. I'm really hoping this helps speed up the time it takes to publish a post for me.

I have noticed that I still love Instagrams, but I want a good mix in my album, so I tend to slack off on using it later in the week in an effort to pull out my DSLR more (especially since my iphone is still a 3GS with the crappy camera). I am going to make an effort to change this during future weeks. I figure the more choices I have, the better, right?

This week, I've added in some extras besides scraps I just had laying around my table. I found several freebies on the web (mainly here and here), as well as made a purchase from Marcy Penner and Amazon (the cardstock collection for Clementine).

Here is the full spread for Week Four. The second 4x3 insert from the left opens up and has another picture inside with some hidden journaling. I have daily morning coffee from my Keuring. While I've taken a picture like this before, I've not given the details of how I like my coffee.


Close up of Left Side


Close up of Right Side (sorry for the glare. My usual spot for better light is currently unavailable.)

I'm still loving this project. I LOVE that I'm capturing my middle child and his dislike for having his picture taken right now. I'm glad I captured mine and my husband's 24 hours away, the crazy temperatures we're having this winter (what winter??), and the way I pass my time with music and the Paperclipping Roundtable, as well as the lack of existence of my daughter for any pictures at all. It isn't because I love her any less, it's just that well, she's rarely around us. That's to be expected at 17, but I still want what she's doing included in our album as well. I need to be sure I have her grab some photos to include soon.

Hope everyone's having a fantastic January!


camilla said...

Your pages look great!

Kelli said...

love the way you captured this week and these photos :) you date idea i totally get, sometimes you just need to get away! ;)

{C} said...

Love all of your journaling! That is something I definitely struggle with - having enough space to write. I am trying to do better! Oh, and I have so been there with the insane iTunes emails. Ummmm, WHOOPS!

Chris Coryell said...

Your pages look great! Love how much you journaled.