Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Project Life Tuesday (on Tuesday this time!) Week 4

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This week I kept to more photos then journaling. I enjoy the ability to go with the flow and do what I want each week. This week, you find a few pictures from the same day, and instead of feeling like I had to have a seperate journal spot for each day of the week, I just put multiple days on a tag. There were some things I left out, I'm afraid, but I did get the highlights. My daughter became quickly overwhelmed by Ikea. I was in heaven . . . the little things like that got left out . . . but maybe that should signal to me to do a seperate layout on that topic. I am not one who wants this scrapbook to become my only scrapbook this year, so I'm not adding a bunch of pages in. I figure if I want to expand on something, then I should make a layout and put it in our family album. I want Project Life to be one part of the great big whole. Now, if I could just find that time I keep talking about . . . so I CAN do those stories. Hopefully PL will serve as a springboard of ideas when I have some down time; and if nothing else, if I can keep up blogging about Project Life every Tuesday, maybe the stories will at least be here.

Here's Week 4:

Saturday, my daughter headed out to a friend's 16 birthday party. We finally took down the Christmas tree and then headed out to dinner with the boys to O'Charleys. Matthew got the usual chicken tenders with fries, Lance got the usual Mac and Cheese with Baked Cheetos. Sunday consisted of Monkey Bread for breakfast, building Star Wars lego ships and hanging out watching a few movies. Monday found everyone ready to go back to school., Tuesday Matthew finally sat down to get busy on his homework on the back patio, and Wednesday Lance ended up sick. Soccer (3v3) for Matthew was cancelled because of the nasty field conditions brought on by all the rain (on Monday and Tuesday). Maybe that's why there's not many photos of those two days? Wednesday I also missed the gym since Lance was home (and would be through Friday). Kristen was a huge help with getting Matthew ready for more Academy evaluations. On Friday, Matthew decided he'd show me how pleased he was with my choice to pick up some Extreme Pizza flavored Goldfish. What I didn't get a picture of on Friday was the fact that we ended up with two hours notice that Gavin's birthday party would be celebrated that evening . . . so off to Target all of us went (we were under the impression that his party would not be until February 5th) and barely made it home by 5 to get the boys there. Ed and I then went to Kirklands and grabbed pizza on the way home for everyone. 

I didn't even add any pull-out journaling this week and as you can see, many details were left out. I do have a receipt stuffed behind one spot, and in another pocket is the slideshow printout from the Open House FCAT presentation I went to on Monday night. I'm very sad that I have virtually no pictures of my husband in this album (except for Week 1 when he was working from home). At this point in the year, he is barely here, and his busy month just finished. We have some time together at home for a bit (unless some great big project for him pops up) and I need to be sure and grab some pictures of him - alone, with the kids, or the whole family. SO SO grateful that Project Life helps me to see that NOW, instead of six months from now when this time has already gone and things may have changed.


Colleen said...

Love that you're just going with the flow with this as that's how I'm working it too! Fun set of pics!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Going with the flow is great idea! I am kind of doing highlights not everyday - especially during the winter now when one day tends to blend the next. lol