Monday, January 31, 2011

Ikea, anyone??

Squee!! I made a trip to IKEA on Saturday with my wonderful teenage daughter. This is quite an experience because our closest IKEA is over 2 hours away each direction and it was a last minute decision to go. Hubby was heading to see his parents with my boys, so I volunteered my lovely daughter to come and keep me company! It was amazing . . . a wanna-be organizer's dream! The main reason for the trip was for a 5x5 White Expedit unit. At 1:00, there were 3 units in stock and based on past sales, it was a green light to go. By the time we got there, we were picking up the last unit! YIKES! We also grabbed a 1x5 unit to go on top of the bigger one, making the unit 6 cubbies high. I also picked up some black organizing accessories and enjoyed browsing the upstairs showroom. I was a tad disappointed that we got down there so late and still had to drive home because I think I could have spent way more than over 2 hours there, and enjoyed every last second of browsing.

Hubby and I spent a few hours yesterday putting together and then I spent a few more hours reloading and re-organizing everything. A "tour" is in the works, but I'm going to order a desk from Target first, as well as a bookcase or two. Once those get in, I'll get a bit more detailed. This project has only been in the works for a year now . . . for proof, take a look here.

Anyhow, here's the final unit put together. I have a bit more decorating and labeling to do, but I want to get the bookcases in first so things can be pretty final for the time-being. The sad thing?? I can't even get a picture of the whole thing with my 50 mm lens (and I'm already outside the door). I'll have to change back to the kit lens when I give my "tour" in a few more weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back by tomorrow! One of the reasons for the increased desire to get my room in order again was so I could find things to work on layouts. A very large group of scrapbookers are taking a class with Ali Edwards over at Big Picture Classes based on her idea of One Little Word (instead of the idea of resolutions). A group of about 35 of us are doing a blog hop tomorrow showcasing the January projects/album and the idea of giveaways at a few have been mentioned. We'll each be talking a bit about our individual word, as well as sharing what we've done this month. If the idea of one little word intrigues you, signing up for the class is ongoing, or you can do it on your own. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project Life Tuesday (or Thursday in my case) . . .


I have a bit of sharing to do, even though the pages have been done for a bit from week 2. I had already added them to the Project Life page flickr slideshow, but I haven't shared them here.

January 8-14

Photos, starting from left to right, going ALL the way across the top, then middle, then bottom: The Lego train set and truck that my children spent all break putting together and playing with. Legos have become the toy of choice inside our home. It's not often that LITTLE brother rubs off on BIG, but that's what happened with Legos. Matthew would NEVER take the time and patience to learn how to put something together when he was younger. Piles of laundry, sorted and waiting to hit the wash. A photo of the outside of my Y. I've started meeting with a personal trainer (a Christmas gift from hubby). Here's to hoping it works. Weekly title card. Document folded card (see below for inside detail shot) with Matthew in his favorite place. Photo of my newly organized cupboard. Not sure what has come over me, but I'm organizing. Maybe I've hit spring cleaning a bit early so that when spring gets here, I can go have some fun! Project Life arrived on Monday (my "week" goes from Saturday to Friday; though I tend to set my pages up the first half of the week on the left, and the second half of the week on the right . . . so I'm going through these a bit out of order here). A photo of Lance coming home from school. I love that he had on his yellow crocs instead of his tennis shoes even though it was cold out (he had socks on under them). Kristen helping me bring in some groceries before the boys got home. She still will barely let me get a picture of her. And Gia and Kristen. Kristen headed over to her house last Friday for a sleepover. She's become a good friend of Kristen's in only a year and a half, and the fact that she's fun helps too!

here's a close-up of the document card - opened. On the front was a picture of him climbing a tree on the right side of the spread. I'm working really hard on including things that my children find important to them; things that they love and are involved in . . . which isn't always so easy when they spend more time with school and homework and playing outside (even if it is at our house) than inside hanging out with us as parents. I'm so thankful that this project is giving me a push to make sure I'm connected with my kids when in the cold weather, it would be so easy to just hibernate somewhere.

I really like how this week turned out. I still am finding I have way more I want to say each day, but there seems to at least be some balance this week between photos and words. These have been on flickr for a bit, but wanted to be sure I posted them here. I really think I'm liking the smaller photo sizes and the fact that it is giving me the ability to do some vertical . . . though I must say, I'm hoping to order some of the "B" pages from Becky so that I can do full size vertical and mix it up with a bit more journaling since that seems to be where I'm headed . . . and if you don't know what I mean, just take a peak at Week 3 below. I seem to have an issue with words . . .

January 15-21

(Left side) Saturday, Sunday and Monday started out great with a long weekend (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) and th boys played with friends and Garris (pictured with Matthew) even slept over on Sunday evening. They watched a movie and ate popcorn with chocolate chips and Ed has been in a mode of continuing to work late for the year-end books. All three of the boys were found playing with these legos in Matthew's room Monday morning while I was heading out to the gym. I love that they're creating scenarios on their own and not just doing what the "box" said to do. Lance filled me in on the story and it's on a "created" long journaling card with coordinated pp circle punched and attached . . . behind the photo. Oh, we also had to "create" a coat of arms for Lance's class to go in his Memory Book at the end of the year.

(Right side) I guess once school got started and I stopped carrying my camera again? I don't know. Maybe I was too busy. I had plenty to journal about as you can see - and plenty of reciepts from doing things like picking up the dry cleaning, making a grocery run . . . ohhh, I remember. I started feeling pretty yucky on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Nothing "serious" just naseous and weak . . . but I certainly didn't feel like doing anything. I'm sure Ed was disappointed because I know he was hoping I would start organizing and purging some other part of the house. Lance was HAPPY to have PE for once. He usually hates it, so I took a picture of his tennis shoes and wrote that story down. It's on the two alphabet cards (red) up in the top corner. I also went to eat lunch with an online friend I had a chance to meet and dropped everything else on Friday. I hope she had as good of a time as I did . . .  but I left my camera at home and not having an iPhone 4, couldn't grab a picture of the two of us. Plus, I don't think I'd put it here because I'd want to respect her privacy. So, I used two journaling cards in the same pocket here and tucked the reciept from the Cheesecake Factory behind it. Also used for a journaling block was one of the "folding" cards, but I left it open - and definitely journaled on both sides. On the front is the story about me signing up for e-mealz and then on the back is the recipe that everyone in the family LOVED! Can't wait to try more of their meals. I was exhausted or I would have taken a picture of it . . . but making it through the evening with a working late hubby and feeling under the weather was the priority, right?

There you have it, the last two weeks in pictures and words. I LOVE this project; and I'm finding I still have time to do "traditional" scrapbook layouts too. I hope to be able to keep up (kind of) with Project Life Tuesday, but in case you find you're looking for PL inspiration, please feel free to head to the tab at the top and view the slideshow. Even if I'm not always blogging about Project Life, I'll keep my flickr stream updated.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Life in 2011

(I think I may have borrowed that title from another blogging friend, but it seemed pretty perfect since I was so inspired by her post that I wanted to come right over here and blog . . . and I think it's pretty obvious that it's been a while since I had last done that!)

I have no idea what my year will bring, but I'm hoping I've really set myself up for a lot of success in the areas of my life that are most important to me: my health, my hobbies, my family, and my soul. Many of these things I've neglected more than I'd like to think and much of it was due to several health issues that I recently got worked out at the end of 2010. With that being said, I've still found a way to scrapbook. Scrapbooking truly keeps my mind on being grateful for the everyday. It helps me realize what really IS important and keeps it front and foremost in my mind. I'm grateful I have this hobby.

This year, I have more than a few plans for my hobby . . . but there's a handful of things that I TRULY hope that I will not let go by the wayside as the year progresses. (I have an uncanny way of letting that happen.) While I have always loved creating layouts, I find I just don't have the time to get all the layouts done that I'd like to do . . . no time to tell all the stories that come at me EVERY DAY being a family of five. So this year, I'm adding Project Life from Becky Higgins to my arsenal of scrapbooks and I LOVE it so far! I've just started Week 3, and have committed to take part in a Project Life Tuesday brought to us from The Mom Creative blog.


For this post, I'm just going to give you a glimpse at my Title Page and Week 1. You can look for Week 2 to be up sometime tomorrow. I hope you'll follow along as we journey through 2011 together!

I used American Craft Thickers for our last name and also for 2011. I used Carolee's Creation little brown stickers to write "All of Us" on the white card.

My first week of experimenting with my Project Life kit. I've learned that I LOVE journaling every day - even if there's not a picture to go along with it. I love just using it as a glimpse into what my thoughts were on that day . . . not necessarily a play-by-play of my schedule. I used a folding card (in the last slot) that I used to journal about a mishap my son had today - and a lesson he hopefully learned - even without a corresponding photo. The photo instead is of something else completely that day.

Have a beautiful day!