Sunday, September 12, 2010

My View Lately

Surgery was Wednesday, September 8th. It took much longer than anticipated because of them having to remove the old hardware. I went in around 3:30 and didn't come out until 5. I should be able to walk soon while keeping my leg straight, but after two weeks, should be able to start bending again while walking.

It's really quite boring, isn't it? I'm seeing my kids when they come back to visit me but I'm spending a lot of time icing my knee and keeping it elevated . . . I did go and drive yesterday - not very far mind you - and I only seem to be taking pain meds once a day. I start physical therapy tomorrow. Unbelievably, it's not so much my knee that hurts the most, it's the location on my lower leg where they needed to remove a staple. It's about an inch-long incision and it's just painful when I try and put pressure on my leg. It kind of ticks me off with how bad it hurts because if it wasn't there, I'd be doing some walking with only one crutch . . . and able to carry things for myself instead of having to have people bring things to the sofa or the table for me.

The real reason you have to put up with these photos for me?? Because hubby bought me my first prime lens last week and it arrived on Friday. Yep, that's right - a Nikkor 50mm/1.4 in my hot little hands . . . and I'm DYING to play with it! Unfortunately, the only playing I can do is from my chair or my bed. Hopefully soon there will be some more entertaining photos.

Before I went in, I did find some time to scrapbook. It's been a while but I'm in May Flaum's Use Your Stash class at Big Picture. I have so many layouts in my head for this class it's crazy! The first week focused on Chipboard uses . . . and this is what I came up with before other things had to get done.

I went to my oldest storage binder and decided I wanted to get these photos scrapbooked and what I wanted to say about them. I used May's suggestion of a neutral cardstock as a base, and then figured out what papers to use. I {heart} Scenic Route to this day. This is some older stuff and I use it sparingly because I love the colors. After I figured design, I tried really hard to stay away from my typical letter sticker solution and headed to my homemade clip it up where my chipboard letters are stored in individual baggies, grabbing a nice bold A and edged it (and the page) with some Pumpkin Spice ink.

I am, of course, also taking other classes (how can I just take one, after all?) . . . Book of Stories from Karen Gruenberg and Picture Fall with Tracey Clark (to start October 1) are also filling up my time. At least I have things to do while I can't clean! LOL

What have you all been up to lately?? Are you in any of those classes with me??