Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Nothing stays the same, right? Imagine what happened when I decided to randomly view some old blog posts and had it hit me in the face how true that is!

I found this post and can't believe how much has changed in a few short months. This was from April - when I had tried to do a Week in the Life Project - and while the actual week-long project failed that particular time, I am SO GLAD that I have the post to help me remember what it looked like "before."

We have new sofas, (please excuse my fun iPhone photos)

we have paintings and my organizer up on the walls,

and a pool table in our living room.

We also don't have that crazy ladder on the back patio any longer, and probably most important is that there are NO BOXES!! I'd like to think (and remember) just what we accomplished this summer and know that while I didn't scrapbook a whole lot, I finally got our house turning into a home (slowly but surely) and I spent time doing fun things with my kids.

Speaking of fun and kids . . . Matthew just came running in here to tell me this joke he just heard. I think it's quite funny!! LOL

How come animals at the zoo can't take any math tests??
Because there are too many "cheetahs"!!!!

Bwaawhahahahahaha!! Cute huh?? Hope it made you smile!


Lee said...

Looks great, really coming together. LOVE (with great envy) your organizer centre. I wish I had the right place the such a thing! :) And thank Matthew for the smile - I'll be telling Caden that one later tonight!

Cheryl said...

Your home looks beautiful, and I am loving your organizers!