Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Nothing stays the same, right? Imagine what happened when I decided to randomly view some old blog posts and had it hit me in the face how true that is!

I found this post and can't believe how much has changed in a few short months. This was from April - when I had tried to do a Week in the Life Project - and while the actual week-long project failed that particular time, I am SO GLAD that I have the post to help me remember what it looked like "before."

We have new sofas, (please excuse my fun iPhone photos)

we have paintings and my organizer up on the walls,

and a pool table in our living room.

We also don't have that crazy ladder on the back patio any longer, and probably most important is that there are NO BOXES!! I'd like to think (and remember) just what we accomplished this summer and know that while I didn't scrapbook a whole lot, I finally got our house turning into a home (slowly but surely) and I spent time doing fun things with my kids.

Speaking of fun and kids . . . Matthew just came running in here to tell me this joke he just heard. I think it's quite funny!! LOL

How come animals at the zoo can't take any math tests??
Because there are too many "cheetahs"!!!!

Bwaawhahahahahaha!! Cute huh?? Hope it made you smile!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lance at 6

Lance has now been 7 for a full day, and I wanted to get this post done before I forgot too much of what he was like at 6 . . .

Lance enjoys trains, planes, and the color yellow . . .
He has yellow crocs, yellow planes, yellow trains, yellow shirts and now he has a yellow bumblebee pillowpet too. He's named that one Buzby. I think he even loves to eat bananas because they're yellow . . . and let's not forget yellow Shells and Cheese too.

He often chooses things he loves based on the fact that they're yellow - like the GT YellowJackets and Yellow-bellied Turtles.

He has an active and amazing imagination. He seems to really be thinking of how he can create REAL Transformers when he grows up, thinking of how the parts will all work together and what won't work.

He is a passionate soul. When he gets angry, he gets angry and you'll know it. When he's happy, you'll know that too. He loves hugs . . . doesn't like the dark . . . sometimes has nightmares and tells us he likes to stay awake so he won't have them . . .

He's finally gone to St. Augustine to stay with Nana and Papa alone for a week. He made it to Lighthouse Camp this summer for the first time. He's been reading at school since October, but he still tells us he can't read at home . . . sometimes we're able to trick him into reading. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine stories the most - still. I wonder if he'll ever grow out of Thomas.

He loves everything nature - just not being outside and sweating. This includes butterflies, lizards, ants, caterpillars, alligators, and more . . . but does NOT include wasps and bees (in real life bees - he loves the stuffed animal ones - remember the color??)

Our Lancelot changes his mind from one minute to the next and he loves to talk your ear off. He has a great big vocabulary . . . though he sometimes says them wrong, we know what he's thinking and teach him the right way to say it. He despises having to write anything though; and doesn't mind math so much. I think he's going to be some big inventor at this point. He's all for trying things out and analyzing what worked and what didn't and making adjustments.

He often has ants in his pants and can't sit still long enough to do anything but put together legos and play with his variety of train sets.

Loves to play the game Sorry and Uno and Chutes and Ladders. This year he started to master swimming - even without the vest. He played soccer with Coach Shane (again) and tried Flag Football this past summer. He still has no real interest in tackle and says he never wants to play Flag again. He doesn't do any chores with any real amount of effort. Even cleaning his room is stuffing a bunch of stuff in his closet, under his bed, or in a toy box.

and he still has some sort of love/hate relationship with Matthew . . . at least there's the love part in there, and it shows through more and more every day.

He's an amazing little boy, who's growing up with a good mix of toughness and sensitivity and I love him more and more every day! Have another fabulous year, my Lancelot! And I'm so glad that at least you are a Florida Gator and proud of it!! :-)

Love, Mama