Wednesday, July 07, 2010

July??? Already??

Time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

I've been buried deep with family events and I want to kick myself for not making time to post things here as they happen. My blog is the first thing I let go, though, and I'm okay with that. I hope you are too, and that you'll continue to read when you see there's an update.

Library of Memories ended in May, and I promptly took up Nic Howard's Dimensional Details class. That finished a few weeks ago. I didn't do as much as I had hoped with that class, but it's information that I can definitely carry with me. Nic was AMAZING!! Anytime she offers a class, snatch it up! Here are a few layouts from there.

And while this is a definitely dimensional layout from Nic Howard, it's not from her class . . . instead, it's from a Basic Grey layout class that I'm taking with my friend Jen at a local scrapbook store. The journaling is a work in progress. I've started typing it and the plan is to print on vellum and adhere on the peachy-looking vertical rectangle block.

Now in progress at BPS is Camp Scrap, Picture Summer, the long-awaited Library of Memories Community, and tomorrow starts Kidding Around! I know, I know, I should really stop taking so many classes . . . but inspiration abounds. I don't think I'd still be scrappin' if it wasn't for the endless amounts of inspiration that I'm getting from these classes!

Here are a few other layouts I've accomplished from Camp Scrap's first week:

In other news:

My kids got out of school the first week of June. My 7 year old headed to St. Augustine for a Lighthouse Day Camp, and my youngest went to a day camp here locally. My daughter and I did some lunch dates, doctor appointments, and house cleaning while they were busy. She also got her report card and ended her Freshman Year of high school with a 4.5 GPA - straight A's with 3 of them being weighted for honors/AP classes . . . I'm so thrilled for her.

Her shoulder is okay. We  had a doctor appointment, and then an MRI a few weeks back - and we got the results last week. It shows no tear or anything - just a loose shoulder, so we continue with physical therapy to prevent injury . . . and will decide if it continues to hurt whether she will continue with swimming. In the meantime, she's picking up soccer. We've put her in some private lessons since she has only ever played one season and she wants to play in the fall. She has had many friends who currently play for the high school team, and there's talk of her wanting to try out for the team if she can get good enough - since she's a left-footed kicker and all . . . Oh, and she's going to be the Sophomore Class VP as well - those elections were in May.

This week, my older two are in soccer camps in the morning, while my youngest, Lance, is staying his own special week in St. Augustine and attending lighthouse camp as well. I'm exhausted . . . I would have thought with only two kids, and them being fairly well at entertaining themselves, that I'd have time for me . . . but I find myself being home less - we go out and run errands and have fun on a whim instead of planning things out. We've done some shopping (a friend of Matthew's has a birthday party Saturday), and parks and pool time . . . AND, the amazing thing??? Kristen and Matthew are getting along. Gasp, I know. I feel pretty un-needed around here these days. Is this what it would have been like with only two kids? Don't get me wrong, I can not imagine our family without Lance's amazing imagination and talkative soul, but I haven't heard real fighting in almost a week. I need more of these in my life . . . hmmm, grandparents need to be taking a kid once in a while more often! :D

Okay, okay, enough jabbering from me! I'll be back before long to share some of the photos I've been taking for Picture Summer. There's still time to sign up for these, by the way, at if you do it by tonight (July 7th) . . . and I know they've been known to accept late-comers as well so if you're reading this late and want to join, don't hesitate . . .