Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week In The Life - Monday 4/26/10

7:10 am: looks like it's going to be a beautiful day . . . time to get the boys up.

7:32 am: pick out clothes for the boys from dining room table and dryer from "welcome home" laundry. They get dressed and watch TV. I think they're a little tired this morning.

8:24 am: They make it to school and I head off to McDonalds for some breakfast. No coffee was made at home this morning, and an Egg McMuffin and a large Vanilla Iced coffee is calling my name.

9:15 am: I spent my morning checking class message boards at BPS and putting together my blog post for LOM

11:30 am: Took a quick nap . . . the bed was just calling my name after our vacation.

12:12 pm: I finally got my shower and cleaned up to be seen out in public (though I didn't take any self-portraits . . . bummer). I wore a muted blue shirt and my khaki shorts.

1:05 pm: watched Days of Our Lives and ate lunch (2 Planters nutrition bars - almonds, honey roasted peanuts and some chocolate thrown in). Ed and I started working on Kristen's election posters via email.

1:47 pm: Texted with Kristen about remembering her AP Human Geography make up exam

2:43 pm: Kristen called to have me pick her up, but I had to wait for the boys to get home from the bus.

3:20 pm: At the bank depositing some checks that came in the mail from Ed's stock.

3:25 pm: Ran to CVS for milk and snack for the kids. Still hadn't made it to the store today.

3:46 pm: Drive home on Hwy 17 from a right turn on 220.

4:00 pm: keep editing Kristen's posters and call around to find the best prices and decide on what sizes and quantity.

5:29 pm: working on email to send to Office Max while getting the boys ready for Flag Football practice. We haven't been to the Y fields in quite some time . . . should be interesting. Matthew's freaking out because we don't have mouthguards yet.

6:43 pm: practice is over and it's time to head home, but not without the boys climbing all over the extra equipment by the storage room.

6:57 pm: Dinner is going to be hot dogs and shells and cheese and I have to run to Wal Mart because a) Matthew got a 100 on his spelling test (makeup) today and Ed and I gave him $5 and since Matthew can't save his money, he wanted to go and see about buying a "how to train your dragon" toy; b) we ran out of mustard, and c) we needed hot dog buns and mouthguards for flag too. I get a call at some point from Office Max telling me the posters will be done soon.

7:40 pm: I call Kristen and tell her we're on the way home and have her start shells and cheese. When we're coming in though, Sue and Tim are walking back from the tennis courts with Shawn and Krissy and we all start talking.

8:30 pm: Kristen and I head to Office Max to pick up her posters. Dinner is left for Ed and the boys and K and I leave without dinner yet.

8:52 pm: We get to Office Max and buy the $250 worth of posters and some packing tape so she can hang them tomorrow. Elections are Wednesday and we're a few days late since she was out of town that Friday when they could start campaigning.

9:10 pm: Finally home; 24 is on and Ed remembered to DVR it (YAY!!). Kristen and I eat dinner and I'm exhausted. I choose Frosted Flakes . . . there's no shells and cheese left.

10:30 pm: hit the bed


All-in-all, not too bad for a Monday. Sure I wish I could have slept more, but the house was a disaster and it needed some work. The boys were fairly well-behaved, if only Matthew had remembered his folder with his homework in it. :) Kristen had to get her stuff done for her campaign and that was a little rushed and pushed by us as her parents. I don't know if it was her just being lazy - or unmotivated for whatever reason - but WE aren't the ones running. IF she wants to run for an office, it'd be nice for her to show some planning and initiative. I'm sure part of this is just being a teenager, but I'm not used to it from MY child! LOL

I kind of feel like I waste a lot of my days away. I know I'm always busy, and I take some pictures, but I feel the urge to break routine. I don't make fancy lunches or dinners . . . I'm not watching an infant or toddler all day . . . I'm struggling with what to take pictures of during my 5 hours of solitude and it's only the first day. Hmmm.

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Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I feel like that too, April. I do have a small child, but only one. My husband cooks the dinner ans I usually heat up leftovers for our lunches. I can't even seem to document our full day properly!