Monday, April 26, 2010

Last week was supposed to be on my calendar as doing Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Project. I truly wanted nothing more than to record the everyday and ordinary, in all it's craziness and unpredictability. But, the week after our 10 year anniversary, when my hubby and I were finally able to get out to dinner sans children, he surprised me with a family vacation to Amelia Island Plantation. It was somewhere that we had wanted to go alone, but these days they're offering a "Family Value Plan" and it includes free meals for kids under10, as well as kids camps throughout the day and even some evenings. So, I was going to go ahead with my plan and try it out - taking lots of photos and all - but in the end, upon coming home and really reflecting, it's so not my normal life. I mean, who gets to sit around at the pool or beach drinking cocktails all day long, never cooking and cleaning? Anyhow, I've decided it wasn't quite REAL enough and while I'll still document our trip, I will be starting the whole thing over today - maybe a little better documented too . . .

Here are a few shots from the weekend with the kids. My daughter got to invite a friend or two as well to keep her company and have some fun without parents.

Thursday night we arrived and hit the beach and pool.

Sunrise Friday morning

Lance set up his turtle to run to the water.

Lance lost his tooth Saturday morning

Sunrise Saturday morning

At the marsh side Saturday morning while we were waiting for Kylie and Kristen to get done with their kayaking trip.

Hello crab

Rachna's here and the girls are off on a bike ride.

Took the boys to feed the turtles (we were actually trying to do a "crab grab" at 4 pm but we didn't know we had to RSVP so we just went to the back of the nature center and fed the turtles instead.

On Sunday, it was overcast and breezy. Matthew went to the beach with Ed and the girls went as well. I stayed back while Lance watched Avatar and started packing. Checkout was at 11 am and we stayed and hung out around the resort area until 3:30. We returned home by 5 for dinner and get ready for school tomorrow time.

I'll keep you all posted with how I do this week in my "week in the life" project. Wish me luck!


TracyBzz said...

Looks like a great time, April! The beauty of Week in the Life is that you can pick any week to do it. Plus now you can see all the great ideas that others have come up with since now everyone is starting to post their weeks'.

S said...

Our week turned out not to be typical at all - 25th wedding anniversary and hardly any of the usual activities. So I'm doing a do-over too. I'll do several 12 x 12layouts from this week, but plan on making next week the week where I capture all the little details for a mini-book album. It's a good thing when the week isn't typical, don't you think.

Cheryl said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I love Amelia Island. Good luck with the Week in the Life project - I hope you'll share with us!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

My week wasn't typical either - I was spending the week at my parents' house. The upside though was that this was the best documented week I've ever spent there!