Tuesday, February 09, 2010

All Too Quickly

Hi again! Remember me?? 30-something year old mom to three who was so amazed how she was doing at the beginning of the month?? Yeah, not so much anymore!

I let a cold get the best of me last week, and in the process of recuperating last weekend, I fell off of that LOAD bandwagon. I'm doing my best to get back in the groove, but in all honesty, I've been just enjoying reconnecting with some old photos again.

As a trainer in Stacy Julian's Library of Memories, I'm there helping answer questions and show examples of how I implement the system I made fit me. Recently, I set a goal to finally get rid of some "triplicate" photos on my hard drive and in my PSE organizer (I use PSE 7.0) and it's been time-consuming. I say this because I can't just use the software that's out there, because these were copies of lower quality that were made at a different date and time than the originals . . . and therefore, they're just not picked up as extras. So, I've had to do a lot of work by hand.

I started with pulling ALL of the photos I could find that were taken on this trip (by my brother-in-law and his family which they took my daughter with them) into an album. This allowed me the ability to rearrange the pictures based on subject and not by date/time which is how the browser is set up to do it. Once I had all the images lined up, I was able to then compare the file size and delete the ones I no longer wanted on my computer. It was a LOT of work. There were over 1000 images that had triplicates. I'm happy to say they're gone now, and I'm getting on with going through them and picking out my favorites. It's like a huge weight has been lifted and I can enjoy them again instead of looking at those images and just wanting to shut down my computer.

So, as I'm "reconnecting" with my photos, now that all that mess was out of the way, I started finding some long lost treasures. I had forgotten what a big year 2007 had been for us.

Memories started flooding back with this photo of my daughter heading back to school in the middle of August 2007. I won't bore you with the entire realm of photos, but in the middle of of those images was this one.

For years . . . these two boys had each other. While there were differences, and tinges of jealousy, they were above all else, playmates as well as brothers. Being at home with them, where I went, they went . . . to the park, to the grocery, to run any numerous amounts of errands . . . they were not without each other.

Even when they're sister started school.

That is . . . until the day he did.

Then he was left with what seemed like un-ending amounts of alone-time. I tried to cherish these moments, for I realized, as the youngest, he never really had me "to himself." We went to parks, and playdates, and the zoo. We read books and yes, watched a little TV. We went to museums and malls, too.

These photos are of such crazy and happy times.

Times of serious change for our family.

Only the ability to look back at these photos now, does it even begin to bring everything together in a way that I can see where it ends; how all the pieces fit together.

Now it's the crazy life of having all three kids in school. For them to come home after school and have to do homework, and want to play with their friends down the street. While I know it's all normal; all a part of them growing up . . . part of me just wants to keep them little forever. I REALLY miss the days where we could just pop some popcorn for a snack and decide to run to the zoo and see all of the animals without having to worry about crowds and school attendance policies.

Cherish your time with your loved ones now . . . time passes all too quickly.


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Thanks for the reminder. Off to snuggle my bunny.

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Great post, April!


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Beautiful post!