Wednesday, February 17, 2010

12 on the 12th (February edition)

It's been crazy busy around here, but that is the way I tend to like it; and the way I tend to work the best . . . so no complaining from me. Some things have to go by the wayside and right now that means computer-time (well, not so much computer time but blogging time and email time). I've still been on the computer an awful lot dealing with digital images and helping out in the Library of Memories classroom.

I realize I haven't shared my 12 on the 12th for February. I kept saying to myself I was going to put it in a mosaic, but who am I kidding?? So I finally just decided to post and share the pictures here - until I can get them put into a layout later.

Today was a day of Valentine parties and a baby shower for one of my middle child's teachers. She actually goes in TODAY to be induced so little Penelope will be joining the world sometime in the next 24 hours!! LOVE babies!!

This says it all about today in my opinion. What happened to General Beuregaurd Lee declaring Spring was on it's way in the South? This was at 11:30 - almost freezing cold with rain - ick!

Just a little visual of my new desk arrangement. I'm not liking the computer and printer back here. It's actually driving me a little bonkers when someone needs to get on the computer and I'm pushed out of my element to sit on the other side of the desk. Gasp!

I went in my bathroom to take some self-portraits (see next photo) and I remembered how much I love my Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Soap . . . so of course, I grabbed a picture of it.

So it's a little grainy but it's still one of the most decent self-portrait head shots I've ever taken. I kind of hate how my bathroom gets some of th best natural light, yet I hate the decor so I never want to take photos in there.

My son Matthew came home so proud today. In previous years, he's always hated coloring. He put his time into this drawing though because his teachers have a contest every month where they color and then the kids go and put little stickers on the one drawing they vote for and think is the best. He was super-excited because THIS TIME he got a vote!

Lord, my son's dresser. There's so much here that is so him. The giant book of Q&As, the football photo and all those sports trophies; of course, his Valentines "holder" made of an orange bag; and his super-cool lava lamp that he got for Christmas . . . oh, and his preschool graduation diploma is back there too - waiting to be hung up on his wall.

I know I say this a lot on this blog, but I'm so thankful that my boys are getting along better now that they're both a little older. Sure, they still have their fights but images like this one just melt my heart. They have become so creative from playing off of each others imaginations: Lance helps build legos and come up with story lines and Matthew helps build the train tracks and brings a dose of reality back into Lance's imaginary world!

Couldn't resist the trains and garbage truck image - They truly make this a whole little city.

Ahhhh, a freshly delivered Shutterfly order. Great scrapbooking material in here!!

The view out back from inside my scrapbook room . . . love this view - so much better than the one I had where I faced a wall . . . and even better than when the desk almost faced out front too. Backyard = much nicer than front yard!

Hubby cut me a break tonight - no cooking - and ordered Chinese out. I ate Sweet and Sour chicken with stir fry veggies and fried rice with wonton soup. I'm not usually a big Chinese fan, but after the weather and crazy day, it just seemed perfect.

Do you do a 12 on the 12th project? Leave me a link so I can start checking out your days :)


Cheryl said...

Great photos, April, and your house is beautiful!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I keep forgetting about 12 on the 12th! I keep planning to, but it slips my mind - too bad too, as I had an interesting 12th and didn't take many pics this month. I was actually thinking about you and your baby shower that day because I heard the forecast for Florida that morning. I'm glad the baby shower wasn't canceled for snow!

Blayne said...

April, thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I like yours, too. I see all the Shutterfly pics - from LOM? I also took the Yesterday/Today class, but it was so crazy at the holidays, didn't get any actual pages done. But when LOM is over, I am so doing some! I will check out that song you suggested. Doesn't music just say what we can't sometimes?

Blayne W. said...

Thanks for kind comment on my blog! I like your blog, too! I took the Yesterday/Today class, as well, although with holidays, didn't get any pages done. As soon as LOM is over, I'm so doing some! It was a wonderful class. I will also check out your song suggestion. Thanks! Doesn't music say what we sometimes can't?