Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapbook Studio Update

I have to admit, I've not accomplished a whole lot this week in the realm of decluttering and organizing my scrapbook room. My plan is to really work on it during the weekends, so I'm hoping today in between loads of laundry I will get in there.

I have been researching ribbon solutions though. Here are a few that have caught my attention.

This idea was sent to me from librarybug. It's from the makers of the Clip-it-up, which while I love that product, it's highly overpriced. I had a friend make me one that is larger for only $25 (I should do a post on that next since this IS organization that we're talking about). I like it, but only if I had more ribbon by the spool, which I don't. I have maybe six spools of ribbon . . . maybe the 18" one? It's definitely something to think about. You could probably do this yourself too, with a gutter from the hardware store and a little ingenuity for the rod and slider to hold the alligator clips and keep the spools upright.

Here's another idea I found. Again, good for spools of ribbon.

Since these ideas are related to spools of ribbon, I am thinking I need the embroidery floss card idea (their plastic) with holes punched in them to go on a jump ring; and the ribbon stays on by slots that are in two spots on the ring. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? There's one company that makes and sells them, and they're not sold in stores to my knowledge. I found them at CHA back in the summer in Orlando. This way, I can have them out and easily accessible, and use them as wall decoration as well. Problem is . . . I don't remember where I need to go to find it.

On another organizing note, I mentioned in my earlier post how I love how my paper is stored now. First of all, I purged A  LOT. Here's the stack of paper that is gone now. It's probably half of the patterned paper that I previously had (and even some pre-done layouts and cards). I'm not one to get rid of cardstock.

I have my paper now set up in the following way:

CTMH Cardstock: in bags by color in ROYGBIV order. I used to use A LOT of CTMH when I was an active consultant so I know these colors and even know which papers coordinate well with some of my non-CTMH product lines.

Other cardstock and patterned paper: ROYGBIV together in the cropper hopper paper holders. I love seeing these rainbows of color on the shelf. I keep all paper of one color together, using the dominant color.

Kits: There is a mix of kits here, from CTMH to Cocoa Daisy. My plan is to go through and purge these about every six months; splitting up kits that I've either used or decide that I don't want to use (and put them in my giveaway pile).

Patterned Paper in Display Dynamics racks: These are patterned paper by theme and a few by manufacturer. I {heart} Scenic Route, Basic Grey, and American Crafts so they get their own section and then by theme, including school, boy, girl, Christmas, among others.

How's everyone else doing in their quest to purge and organize their craft room? I'm glad several of you decided to take on this challenge with me!


Jenny said...

YOu know what's funny? I am *not* a scrapbooker...but I have a TON of scrapbooking paper from other projects I've done/do. I'm SO jealous of your organized space now. I'm trying to figure out how (where) I can actually set up a place in my house for my projects. One day.... :) Enjoy your progress!

S said...

My studio doesn't need reorganizing just a good clean-up. But I was reminded this weekend that our local Crop for the Cure is coming up in early March, so I will start a basket of paper and other stuff to donate. Purging does feel good.

PS I clicked through to librarybug's blog and found the reading challenge, that I think join. TFS

Anonymous said...

Stacy aka wookiemouse did 29 weeks of organizing your scrap space. Look up the links to ribbon and perhaps you'll find what you're looking for.

Where am I in my GOBI journey? Well I did complete it last year. As new stuff comes in it needs to be incorparated. The ironic thing is I love to shop for scrap stuff, but I'm started to get cleaner and simpler in my design. I love all the pretty playing but it's time consuming and the picture + words are what really matters anyway. Sigh. It's a disease.


Maureen said...

I always thought this was pretty cool.

Cheryl said...

I have my paper arranged the same way - I love the Cropper Hopper holders, and I'm a nut about ROYGBV order! I made a good dent in organizing my room before the holidays, but I need to get back to it and finish it up one of these days. How wonderful does it feel to purge?!?