Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Room To Move

Err, I mean scrapbook.

I'm working on reorganizing my scrap space over the next few weeks. Anyone want to join me in this undertaking and work on your own craft space???


There's a few reasons for this, but mainly it's the start of a new year, and the kids are back in school, and it's time to finally get to USE the space the way it was designed. Things are going to be getting busy again for me in February between Library of Memories and Lain's LayOut a Day Challenge and I'll NEED my space so I need to get busy.

Using the lessons I learned in BPS's Get Organized and Be Inspired class taught by Wendy Smedley last spring, with a few friends for online moral support, I'm clearing the room (did that Friday and Saturday); sorting them into piles of like items, and purging. THEN, I'm slowly moving things back in, thinking of where I will use them most, how I can best see them, and just how I want them sorted for long-term use.

My goals for this week are to:
  • purge and organize ribbon
  • organize buttons
  • organize tools

Tools are in here; as are buttons (in one large shoebox bin) . . . that'll be fun to dig through and sort! :-)

Ribbon is at the bottom half of this tub . . . I love looking at all the colors, but never use it. It was previously stored in a drawer, so I'm thinking I need some type of visible storage for this one . . . Any ideas??

This past weekend, I accomplished THIS (though I forgot to take a picture of the stack of paper I'm getting rid of). I think my paper looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

Anyone want to join me?? Share a link in the comments section to some before photos (whether they're on your blog or somewhere else online like a flickr account) and where I can keep updated on your progress. I think it'd be great to share the ideas that we come up with or to ask questions; or just for plain moral support! I'll be doing weekly updates here so be sure and check back!


April said...

Ok I'm in. I have a room gathering clutter & #esign Your Life projects that I would like to make in my workspace rather than at the kitchen table.

Carrie said...

Good luck ladies! I'll try to play along but I'm not brave enough for pics of my room yet! It's in YIKES!

Jeanne said...

Looking good, April! I don't know that I could be consistent in participating, however, getting my creative space better organized and purging in there is something that is high on my priority list.

I'll be cheering you on and looking at your solutions with interest!

April said...

Ok, I'm being brave my before pictures are up. I burried them at the BACK of my blog!

Maureen said...

I was thinking the same thing, my scrap corner needs a little re-purposing as I have changed the way I work and my space needs to reflect that.

Librarybug said...

You've inspired me to do some reorganization of my own! What about this for your ribbon?

April said...

First Set of After Photos Are Up on my Blog, The Fragrant Hand:

My room is shaping up!