Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Almost TIME!!

Time? Time for what, you may be asking . . .

Well, it's time for all you scrapbookers to use up all those old supplies that you've been stockpiling for so long or holding onto for a "good reason." Maybe it was a piece of paper that was just so beautiful you wanted to wallpaper your bedroom with it; or maybe it was an expensive set of Jolee's that you can't stomach getting rid of because you spent hard-earned money on it.

With the start of the new year, and a new decade, lots of scrapbookers want to declutter their space so they can feel more productive and FIND things in their spaces. I am taking this time to join in this blog hop and share a page or two that I create with OLD (read: 2007 or earlier) supplies that I've just been hanging onto. I'd love to have you join us! Just go to this blog (Liberty Cottage) and sign up in the McLinky area. Then on February 1st, post a page, or two, and join in the fun! I can't imagine how old some of the supplies are that some of us will be using!!

Okay, and you know what else February is bringing? A LOAD of fun, of course . . . with Lain. Last October, when I participated in the Layout a Day challenge, everyone decided that we wanted Lain to host another one as soon as we had a chance for all the holiday hubbub to die down and get some normalcy back into our lives. Enter: February LOAD!! February's almost here, so go quickly and enter. She's promising some tips on how to scrap faster, and prizes too!! Go scroll down on her blog (linked at the top of the paragraph) to find the Q&A on the rules and I hope to see you there!

Speaking of these things, I'm supposed to be having my room organized and decluttered in time for these events (and LIBRARY OF MEMORIES). Since they're quickly approaching, I thought I'd update you!

Remember this tub??

That tub became THIS tub:

So that I could make it look like this:

That is what happens when my 6 year old decides he doesn't want to clean his room. He says "it's too messy" and "there's too much stuff all over the floor," so I go in and help him by making less toys in his room to deal with. The poor kid didn't know what to do when he came home and his most favorite new toys were in "time out" because he couldn't find a home for them. When he decides to either a) get rid of some of the toys he has left or b) put the ones left in his room where they belong, then he will earn these toys back. Poor kid thought I was throwing them away.

The buttons that were in that tub ended up here, in Making Memories plastic bottles. I had these left over from the Christmas treat containers that I did for teachers and neighbors, and I do wish they were bigger, so I may be saving up some of those Starbucks frappachino bottles and using them instead. I must say, while I love the look of these, they're kind of hidden from me and where my desk is located. I may need to invest in a shelf to put on the wall under (or above) my dry erase board (that still needs hung) and place these bottles on that shelf, with ribbon hanging underneath on pegs of some sort. I also didn't have enough bottles yet to put the black, white, and brown buttons away.

My friend April over at The Fragrant Hand is doing a marvelous job on her room and keeping me posted as well! Way to go April!!

I'll have an update on the ribbon storage I've been finding soon too!


Cheryl said...

You are totally inspiring me to finish cleaning out my scrap space, girlfriend! In fact, I think I'm going to make a date with it tonight. :) I love being able to see colorful embellies, like buttons, in clear containers. It's a real source of inspiration when I scrap. And I LOVE your idea to recycle bottles to house them! Also, great idea to put the toys in "time out." I wonder if this would work on my husband... ;) That blog hop sounds great. I'm already with you in LOAD and LOM again. :) Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more updates! *hugs*

Margie said...

I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today. I signed up for the same blog hop and couldn't remember which blog it was on! Phew! By the way, I was catching up on the ID message boards and saw your response to my message and thought you might like to know I've started a new blog while I am STILL waiting for Apple to replace my software. So, if you want to stop by in the meantime, please do! : ) [Just click on my name - but you probably already know that!]

Jamie said...

Hi April, I am new to your blog. I remember seeing you as a LOM coach last year and I have a quick question for you. I thought I remembered seeing some blog badges for LOM that said "alumni" or "Class of 2009" on them last year. I did a quick search in the classroom message board for last year but no luck. Any ideas?

Thanks so much! I am signed up as an alumni again this year and really looking forward to it.

April said...

Hurrah for your room!

Today I organized my Google Reader!
I hadn't looked at it in forever & at one point I followed blogs willy nillie so that I didn't even know what I was Subscribed to.

It feels so good to get rid to fix the clutter!

K said...

I think buttons in jars look fab! Theres something just so pretty about them, just wish I had enough of them to do it :)

Lain said...

Can't wait for Monday!!! :)