Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Favorite Photos of 2009

Inspired by Stacy Julian's Sprinkle the other day, I finally had a chance to sit down and peruse my 2009 digital image library. Boy, did I take a whole lot of sports photos just to get the one or two "perfect" shots. I really need to go through and delete a lot of those too, now that they've been uploaded to the teams' Shutterfly Share sites. I also realized how much I missed taking photos of some everyday activities around the house. I barely touched the camera during the time our house went on the market to the time we moved into our new house too. Lessons learned that I need to pay attention to for next year, I guess! LOL

Anyhow, the idea of this "sprinkle" was to take 10 minutes to go through your 2009 photos, grabbing ones that you love and tagging them. Then, set the timer for another two minutes and start deleting photos until you got it narrowed down to your top 12 photos of the year. They key was to go with your gut. Don't over-analyze and try and keep it even between your family members, or even try and do one each and every month. What I realized was that there were LOTS of meaningful photos, things I could say TONS about, but the fact remained that they really weren't favorites of mine. Below, you'll see my Top 12 Photos of 2009! Enjoy!

Matthew, though hating the Gators (colors are Orange and Blue) still seems to love the color orange! His new crocs and his orange hula hoop that he and Lance were taking to the soccer fields to play with while K had soccer practice. Though I don't care for composition and I'd love to have had only the shoes and hoop in focus, it's still a fun personality photo to me.

Ahh, nature at Washington Oaks State Gardens. I love going here, especially in the springtime. So glad I was able to see some butterflies out.

Also taken at Washington Oaks State Garden, but on the beach side. I have other shots of the boys playing and having a lot of fun in these rocks, but I couldn't resist the calm serenity of the landscape.

Kristen and her friends visited DC this past Spring. Good friends are so important in a teenager's life, and I'm glad she's surrounded by good ones. Some of these girls have been her friends since elementary school.

I don't know what it is about shots from the back, but I love them. Maybe it's because I'm always running behind my boys to keep up with them (especially at the park) and this is my most common view. Maybe it's because I can see what it is they're interested in and what they're walking (or running towards)..There's just something pretty emotional to me about them though. This photo was taken at Riverside Park. There is a duck pond surrounded by an aluminum fence and Lance was on his way to go feed them but got sidetracked by some pigeons he's looking down at trying to convince to come to him in this shot.

For Father's Day this year, we took the boys to Gainesville and took them fishing with their Grandma and Grandpa for the first time EVER. This shot is of hubby teaching Matthew about patience and waiting..We didn't catch anything until some guy shared his chicken liver with us, and finally some catfish started biting. The boys finally started having a ball after that. We, of course, gave the guy our catfish for allowing us to use his bait. No gators, no snakes . . .

Thank goodness that since we live in Florida, there's plenty of sites to see. We were going stir crazy once we finally moved into the apartment and now that we had some time before school started and the house was sold, and we had found one to move into, it was time to have some fun before school started back. My kids have always loved the Alligator Farm, and I'm glad we were able to make it there with Nana before they hit the books again!

Sunsets are fun to catch - between the colors and seeing the sun's rays go through the clouds, it just feels magical to me. This was the view of the sunset as viewed from the front of our new house.

The grin, the glow from the candlelight, and his love of that John Deere hoodie sweatshirt just make my heart sing. Happy 6th birthday, Lancelot.

The excitement is just contagious! Matthew always runs home from the bus stop so he can rush out to our backyard to see if the gator is there, and then back out front to wave goodbye to the bus driver as she's leaving the neighborhood. And I thought it was just to see me! LOL I usually will get a "hi mom, can you carry my backpack inside for me? thanks"

I love the details of this shot. Matthew so focused on painting, the colors of paint lined up on the side, and his prized dino that he's painting for me since the triceratops is my favorite. This was one of his birthday gifts from Nana that the boys fell in love with at Barnes & Noble. Lance got a dragon set, which of course, he painted one all yellow (his favorite color).

And last but not least, a shot of our family room on Christmas morning while fixing breakfast. The kids have all opened Santa gifts and are enjoying themselves, yet the chaos of unwrapping and having visitors hasn't quite happened yet. Usually, I get a shot of the tree on Christmas eve as I think it's always so peaceful. This year, that didn't happen, but I think I love this one just as much. I love seeing my kids all on the sofas, snuggled in pjs, enjoying their gifts. I enjoy seeing my husband's stereo equipment and tv where they sort of belong (that was one heck of a project getting the surround sound installed) and seeing the stockings hung over the fireplace. A fireplace that I had long lived without and have missed. The only thing left to do is to hang a collage of frames up above the sofa on the right of family photos - including past generations. I can't wait to start working on that project this new year!

Did you do this "Sprinkle" (or something like it) as well? Please share your link with me! I'd love to go have a peek.

And, while a little late, I hope you have a safe and happy 2010!


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I haven't done this sprinkle yet. I really want to do it soon. The orange crocs crack me up, and the Aligator Farm is one of my favorites too.

Maureen said...

These are wonderful, I love the sunset, the dino and the crocs - and I with you on those sports images!

Maureen said...

trying to comment for the 2nd time...
Love the sunset, crocs and dino shorts, and I am with you on the sports photos.....

Liberty :) said...

Yay! thanks for signing up!

I have never been here before so I am really excited to have found a new blog friend too!!