Thursday, January 14, 2010

12 on the 12th (January edition)

I know, I'm a few days late with sharing; but the fact remains that I've dedicated myself this year to doing this project. My hope was to find a digital template before I shared, but I do want them recorded, so this is the way they're appearing here, and maybe, just maybe, by February 12 I'll have a really cool template to put my photos into.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, the idea is to take 12 photos of your daily life the way it is right then on the 12th day of every month. I think it'll be fun to see what changes and what stays the same over the course of my year in 2010. I'd love for you to join me in this journey, whether you decide to share your photos or not . . . if you'd like to share, please leave a link for me to follow in the comments for me to see your images each month! :-)

Anyhow, back to the images from January 12, 2010 . . .

1. scanning 2002 pre-digital photos, 2. our house is a racetrack, 3. Lance doing homework, 4. Matthew reading, 5. Christmas boxes, 6. breakfast for dinner, 7. home sick, 8. Gator bathroom, 9. stuffed animals anyone, 10. American Idol on TV, 11. laundry, 12. report cards today

1. I've been working on getting my pre-digital images scanned so I can start using them in the way I want to use them to scrapbook a few layouts. 2002 was the year I started staying at home and Matthew was born.

2. Matthew (and Lance) love to use our house as a racetrack for all their trucks and cars. from the dining room, to the living room, to the breakfast nook, to the kitchen and back into the dining room, there's at least a race a day and sweatpants have made it extra fun to run and slide on their knees.

3. Lance has loved homework this year. Tonight, he started with the craft project of decorating a mitten (that will decorate the hallways) and then continued to use my stickles (glitter glue for scrapbookers) in gold for some "tattoos"). Of course, he chose gold because that's the shiny version of yellow.

4. Matthew reading his weekly story on the computer. This week they're reading Click Clack Moo and it's a story I've loved for a long time. He did a great job, but it never ceases to amaze me where technology has taken us. I'm grateful for the computer process with this because I can hear him read along with the story and I know if he's saying the right words, and I can still be helping my other child with his homework; or folding laundry; or cooking dinner (see other photos).

5. Christmas boxes are STILL in the house and I'm so annoyed with that. I took down the decorations HOW LONG AGO?? Ed's working a lot these days so maybe before the end of February they'll be out of here.

6. Mmmm . . . pancakes. My kids are spoiled.

7. Poor kid. Kristen came home sick from school today with her stomach bothering her. Weird. She hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary so we're in a watching stage (btw, she was fine yesterday and back to school).

8. A sneak into our Gator bathroom . . . our guest bathroom . . . it makes me very happy even though the orange is a little overpowering at first. We plan on putting some Gator slogans in white on the wall above the towels.

9. Matthew is going through this phase where he's taking ALL of his stuffed animals to bed. With freezing temps at night, he says it's because he doesn't want them to freeze. I find this interesting since he's never really been one to sleep with stuffed toys. Lance on the other hand, always has! :-) It's interesting how he's treating these animals like they're real and they'll freeze, and also that he cares enough to "take care of them."

10. American Idol auditions started airing tonight. Welcome back, lovely Spring lineup. 24 starts Sunday and Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight.

11. Laundry, oh how I despise you so. It never fails that as soon as I "catch up" on it all, there's another load right there waiting . . . but then again, I stop and remind myself that it means I have a house full of growing kids; and that we're blessed enough to have enough clothes. I'm working hard on getting in a rhythm that will keep my laundry cleaned and PUT AWAY that works for me.

12. Report cards came home today. Matthew is still doing okay while Lance is doing fabulous. L is still getting the 31 and 13 mixed up a bit. M still has As and Bs except for his language arts which remains a C. It'll be interesting to see what happens now with his IEP in place this next half of the year. Fingers crossed . . .


Jenny said...

Wow!!! I am so impressed that you are scanning your pre-digital pictures! You are wonder mom! And, I think it's funny that you had breakfast for dinner, too, on the 12th! Great minds think alike! :)

Cheryl said...

I *LOVE* your Gator bathroom!!!