Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Brought to You by the Letter P

P for Practice, Peace, Productivity and Preparation that is . . .

I accomplished a lot today, given the fact that it was December 1st and I had a lot that I wanted to get done. I'm exhausted to say the least. Dealing with medical bills is never easy when so many of us in our family this year had ongoing issues to resolve; I also made some appointments, continued decorating the house, and decluttered some papers and counters . . . all so my December may go that much smoother. I even finished a layout for my Color class over at BPC using the color purple!

Matthew started up his first 3v3 soccer. It's organized chaos out there but from what I understand, the kids are having a ball.

Hot chocolate was on the menu today as it was quite chilly. The high was in the low 60s, but the low was 31 this morning, and it's supposed to be that way again tomorrow. Luckily we have sunshine to help warm us. Lance was lucky enough to get it both in the morning and evening with dinner. Matthew really needed it after his practice.

I listened to Paperclipping Roundtable today too; while enjoying playing with my camera once that house had been decluttered. I was starting to go through some serious withdraws not having my weekly dose of Noell and Izzy last week.

It was a good day.

Today, while deciding to enter this holiday season with an attitude of gratitude, I thought of all the things I'm thankful for RIGHT NOW. At the top of this list is my family. I love how our stockings were hung this year with the help of my older son and that I still so very much love that we have a mantle to hang our stockings over a fireplace.

The kids and I also had a talk about using our manners with everyone. This is something we struggle with. I tend not to always set a good example with them because my younger two seem to think I'm asking when I say please so they think they can tell me that dreaded N word . . . We always tend to remember with strangers or friends; but we often forget with each other . . . so we're working on it between ourselves. After picking Matthew up from practice, we helped remind each other and it's amazing what happens when someone says please and thank you. I hope tomorrow I can remember to be proactive with this to keep moving forward.

Cheers :) Have a happy day!

Today is December 1

Today I'm starting something new. I've joined Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas, purchased Ali's 6x8 digital overlays, and have joined Picture the Holidays with Tracey Clark over at BPC. I'm staying centered and focused on what truly matters this December and I will enjoy myself through this process! Feel free to join me in any or all of the classes. I hope to share what I do here, no matter how simple it is and I hope you can take something from it.

For now, my book/album will be based in the 31 day overlays that I purchased from Designer Digitals  printed on white 8.5x11 cardstock and will be held together by jump rings eventually. I do plan on adding things here and there to my album as I go (read: extra sheets of paper or overlays to help make it unique to me), but since I'm not sure what at the moment (I did just decide to do all this LAST NIGHT after all), I'm just going to wing it. For now, I have a bunch of Christmas-y papers and white overlays cut to size.

Here's another thing I just found on Ali Edwards' blog . . . through a conversation that Ali and Tracey had on Twitter the other day. I'm going to be checking this out too!

And please, let me know if you're going to be joining me in any of these classes so I can look for some familiar names! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

More October LOAD Layouts

In the previous post, I showed you my stack of LOAD layouts . . . 32 of them to be exact! Here's a few of my favorites I wanted to share with you for a little inspiration!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Goodbye November!

You know, I started a draft a few weeks back that was titled Goodbye October, Hello November. I was still in the middle of planning my daughter's Sweet 16 however, and that post fell off the plate. I can't believe where our fall has gone. Here are the last few months in pictures (with a few words)!

soccer games

homecoming parades

pumpkin patch


report cards and awards (Matthew got all A's)

fall centers and volunteering

homecoming game

and friends

pumpkin carving

the scream costume

and a mutant turtle

prepping for a party

Grandma came to visit and give Kristen her birthday gift

Matthew's final game and look at him tackle that guy.

LOAD finished and I had 32 layouts done - some were double page spreads

Katrina, Gia, Rachna, and Kristen on their way to her party.

Sweet 16

The zoo on Vetran's Day

Soccer came to a close.

A Thanksgiving program

Corn toss at Nana and Papas

Reilley Grace is precious.

The pies were gorgeous.

And cousins meet for the first time.

Life is good. Take time to enjoy it!

Friday, October 08, 2010

LOAD Day 3 and 4

On the 3rd, I did two layouts . . . with the Treasure layout freshly created, my mind kept wandering to these two photos of the beach that I had on my memo board. I printed it in both color and B&W with the suggestion from an instructor that it would look fabulous in black and white. I have been looking at them for over a year like that, and I still can't decide which I liked better . . . so I decided they both deserve a spot in my albums and I would scrapbook them together. I used that same design from the treasures layout, just different papers.

This second layout, I also did on the 3rd. I loved this photo that I took in a local park and I used PSE 7.0 to write the title using Ali Edwards' free handwriting font. I believe it's available from CK. This one actually addressed the challenge for LOAD that day which was find a photo that really speaks for itself - no words allowed except for the title.

Day 4 was cropping in close to your photos. I thought it was perfect to get some scenic pictures scrapbooked from a trip to Niagara Falls way back in 2004. I love how this one turned out!

Thanks for stopping by and looking! I'm running a tad behind getting my photos posted for Picture Fall. I have to take today's and hopefully I'll be back later with those being posted.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finding Beauty

Boy I had to look hard for this one. I started with a sago in my front yard because I really didn't want to go out back . . . but I love the sago palms, and so it was hard to really find beauty out of something ugly when I thought they were pretty to begin with . . .

So I moved on to the backyard . . .

The first thing that stuck out to me was the nasty old worn retaining wall and it's paint chipping away.

But I couldn't find a way to make that ugly look very beautiful at all . . . sure, the texture is great but that's about it.

So I started looking at all of our trees . . . and I found these . . .

Yep, definitely amazing when I get a little closer - but oh so nasty from far away. We have a water oak that is on the cusp of dying . . . and these were images from it. The top one was my pick to put into the class gallery. It's actually the underside of a mushroom that was growing out of the trunk, about 2 feet up from the ground. Definitely nasty.

October 2, 2010 - Comfy and LOAD Day 2

Today was a day of sports in our household. My daughter played her last rec soccer game of the season, my youngest son played a soccer game also, and my older son played an awesome football game about an hour away that I didn't get to see. Then started the fun of visiting a few bakeries in town to sample some cupcakes for my daughter's Sweet 16, who apparently has watched WAY too much of that MTV show for her own good . . . because after spending some cash on some super fattening sweet cupcakes (and very yummy mind you), we ended up at the mall shopping for a semiformal. This is another post all on its own and I can't wait to share it with you,

but not tonight . . .

Today's prompt at Picture Fall was comfy and there were three places around my home that I could envision for this prompt . . . where do I like to get comfy. First thought was my bed . . . I often read there, and when I get overwhelmed with my crazy life, it's often my retreat. Here it is, fresh out of laying in it . . . books piled on the nightstand and all. Don't judge the unmade bed - remember I've had knee surgery so I'm laying back here a lot to elevate and ice.

Second thought was my scrapbook room, but then that's all alone and my chair isn't really all that comfy . . . and it's kind of a solitary place with no room for friends or family to join me, so I decided it wasn't all that comfortable after all . . .

So I decided I liked this final choice the most. I have two wingback chairs in our family room against a wall of windows. This one is closest to the fireplace and faces more towards the sofa where the family sits than towards the TV. It's where I often sit to read and enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings after the kids are off to school, or hang out when family comes to visit. I chose to take the picture tonight, when I most like to sit in the chair while we were hanging out as a family getting ready to watch Florida Gator Football (miserable game, btw, against Alabama. Ugh). Of course, when I'm actually sitting in it, I pull my feet up back and under me and swing the pillow around to the side and cozy in for a convo with the kids and/or hubby.

Since we had been busy today, I knew I was going to be tight with time on my LOAD layout. To make it simple, I searched my favorites tag on Flickr to see what caught my eye in the way of simplicity and decided to lift a layout from Monica. (I hope she doesn't mind too much.) I really just followed the basic design but added my own photo and papers and title. Enjoy!