Saturday, December 05, 2009

December Daily - Day 2

I know some of you are stopping by from Jessica's Holidays in Hand class, and I want to let you know that I'm combining the concepts of December Daily and Holidays in Hand together. Of course, at this point, I don't have a lot of time to scrapbook and my room is a disaster . . . so the memories and photos will be sitting here until I "get around to it" if I ever do . . . if not, at least things are documented here :-)

So, December 2nd started off with a bang. The plan was to document my day too, in coordination with Ali's Y+T class . . . but the crazy start led me to forget what I was doing! lol Crazy you say? yeah, crazy. I was being a nice mommy and letting my boys miss the bus in order to play a little more Mario Brothers Wii, and when we shut it down and get in the car, my battery is dead - D E A D - luckily we had been preparing for it. We thought it was going bad, but we had it checked last week and they said it was fine . . . so I jumped my car with our recently purchased and in my car battery, took the boys to school, and went somewhere to have it installed and then tested. I then needed to go dress shopping, but upon getting to the mall, I come to learn that they've decided to open at 10 am all the way up until the 19th. WHAT?!?! The kids are out of school then . . .  how will I ever get shopping done before I have to turn around and go get them?? crazy stores! I found a dress, and then on my way home, went and paid my fine for not having my license with me from yesterdays craziness. At least since I had my license within 10 days to them, it was only a $10 fine!

Warmth . . . something I need a lot of in the wintertime. What do I think of when I think of warm things? I think of friendships that warm my heart, I think of my warm chenille blanket that I put over my other blankets when I go to sleep at night, and I think of my warm coffee drinks from Starbucks . . . and some hot tea and cocoa thrown in for good measure too! I hate cold and love all things warm. The fire while we were camping sure did keep me warm too.


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Wow! Nice mommy for letting your boys play the Wii for a few minutes longer. I love warm things too. I'm craving a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks this season, but they seems to discontinue every hot chocolate drink I enjoy. Hope you're staying warm this weekend!

Cheryl said...

I have been craving that Snickers-like hot chocolate from Starbucks all week, and now your picture is making me want one even more. :) I love what warmth means to you. Hope you're having a warm and wonderful day!