Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is on it's Way!

I sure fell off of the December Daily wagon, didn't I? I am making mental (and written) notes, but I've been wrapped up in enjoying the holidays instead of blogging and scrapbooking. I also feel so much more organized than in Christmases past.

Last week was pretty crazy while I finished up kids' Christmas parties at school, attended a performance, and had workers here on Friday installing some trim and mouldings in our new house. It was a busy week. I also found out on Tuesday that my parents wanted to come up and celebrate Christmas with us Saturday (last night) since they're heading out of town to my brother's in NC. So, before Friday, I needed to finish shopping, some gifts for teachers, and a surprise album for my mom and dad; and I still have one of those to go for my mother-in-law. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures, but it was a Photo Album Scrapbook type of thing - slipping in 4x6 photos along with some patterned paper and some cardstock for random journaling about the photos. It was in chronological order of our daily lives (only about 100 photos) since we're seeing less and less of my parents.

I am so proud of myself too, for getting cards in the mail to family and hubby's co-workers and a few old friends that I still had addresses for. I only sent 20 or so, but it sure is better than the nothing I had sent last year, and the year before, and even the year before that. I'm hoping to beef it up next year and hit 50. I certainly have lots of friends I've met online that I don't have their home addresses for that I will be making an effort to collect over the next 350 days or so! :-) Please don't feel like I don't think of you and care about your family this holiday season if you didn't recieve a card from me . . . baby steps!

I thought I'd share with you the little candy jars I made for the boys' teachers. They turned out adorable and of course, I filled them with their favorite chocolate candies!

I used BoBunny Christmas papers, CTMH red ribbon, dressed up the striped paper and snowflake with Icicle Stickles, and paper crimped the green background paper on the jars. The pattern was done from cutting and scoring and adhering (in other words, it wasn't a die cut pattern somewhere) and an oval punch at the handles.

In other Scrapping News: THIS class opened for registration this weekend! More soon from me on this, but if you haven't taken it before, and you're just completely overwhelmed with your photos, not knowing where to go to find the "right" photo when inspiration strikes, maybe even to the point where you avoid scrapbooking . . . then this class is for YOU! There's still time to ask for it for Christmas!! I wouldn't trade my time in this classroom for ANYTHING!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

December Daily - Day 2

I know some of you are stopping by from Jessica's Holidays in Hand class, and I want to let you know that I'm combining the concepts of December Daily and Holidays in Hand together. Of course, at this point, I don't have a lot of time to scrapbook and my room is a disaster . . . so the memories and photos will be sitting here until I "get around to it" if I ever do . . . if not, at least things are documented here :-)

So, December 2nd started off with a bang. The plan was to document my day too, in coordination with Ali's Y+T class . . . but the crazy start led me to forget what I was doing! lol Crazy you say? yeah, crazy. I was being a nice mommy and letting my boys miss the bus in order to play a little more Mario Brothers Wii, and when we shut it down and get in the car, my battery is dead - D E A D - luckily we had been preparing for it. We thought it was going bad, but we had it checked last week and they said it was fine . . . so I jumped my car with our recently purchased and in my car battery, took the boys to school, and went somewhere to have it installed and then tested. I then needed to go dress shopping, but upon getting to the mall, I come to learn that they've decided to open at 10 am all the way up until the 19th. WHAT?!?! The kids are out of school then . . .  how will I ever get shopping done before I have to turn around and go get them?? crazy stores! I found a dress, and then on my way home, went and paid my fine for not having my license with me from yesterdays craziness. At least since I had my license within 10 days to them, it was only a $10 fine!

Warmth . . . something I need a lot of in the wintertime. What do I think of when I think of warm things? I think of friendships that warm my heart, I think of my warm chenille blanket that I put over my other blankets when I go to sleep at night, and I think of my warm coffee drinks from Starbucks . . . and some hot tea and cocoa thrown in for good measure too! I hate cold and love all things warm. The fire while we were camping sure did keep me warm too.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How We Spent Our Long Thanksgiving Weekend

After Thanksgiving Day spent down at my parents home, enjoying family, food and fun; we spent Friday driving up to Georgia and setting up camp just north of the Okefenokee Swamp. There were lots of fun memories to be had there, like:
  • trying to fish in a freshwater lake with saltwater bait
  • biking along some trails
  • our van battery dying (and Shane's) and no one having jumper cables
  • the wood not being seasoned and dry, and having to hunt for kindling to burn . . . dry pinecones work relatively well and they're so pretty to watch when they burn too.
  • roasting hot dogs over a fire
  • finding a birds nest and some hatched snake eggs
  • Chris finding a snake and PICKING it up! Crazy kid!
  • figuring out how to set up a tent
  • freezing our butts off in 35 degree weather (at least it was sunny)

The group we went with consisted of Jen and Shane (and their two boys), and their friends Scott and Sandy (and their daughter, son, and dog). Pictured above is the group of kids.

Matthew's favorite things about camping was going on the hiking trails with bikes and finding natural treasures. Lance's favorite things about camping was finding the snake and wearing clothes to bed and not being made to brush his teeth at night.

And . . . of course, while we four were freezing our tooshies off, my darling daughter went to see the Florida/Florida State game down at the "other swamp." She even got to High 5 Tim Tebow on his last ever "Gator Walk." I'm finally sitting here tonight watching the game - at 1 am in the morning.

you can't see them here, but my mom and daughter are right up front by the officers/guards in the hats . . . they got at the walk area about three hours before the walk happened.

Senior Day - Tim and Coach . . . it's so nice to see a guy show emotions sometimes.

Tim in action

Final Score: 37-10

My dad and I traded cameras for the weekend. He took my Nikon d70s for the game, and I took my daughter's Panasonic point and shoot for camping. I didn't want to overwhelm you all with the loads of photos that my dad took, but just a few memorable ones from Tim's (and others) final home game as a Florida Gator.

Okay, and before we made it to Thanksgiving, Nana and I took Kristen down to Gainesville to see a UF swim meet against FSU, and upon arriving home, I went with Jen to see New Moon (again . . . for the fourth time) and I still loved every second of it!

December Daily - Day 1

My kids . . . the three most precious things I take care of in my life. I value and treasure them, and this holiday season, want to make sure that they learn the true meaning of Christmas, that they find peace in their hearts, that they learn to give openly and freely, and that they find ways to enjoy just being together; to realize that they are family and that family is there for each other.

I wonder what they're earliest holiday memory will be . . . I know i have a few, and I'm not really sure which one is the earliest, so here they are in no particular order.

I remember:
  • making sugar cookies in my kitchen with my mom. I must have been about six or so.
  • setting up my moms Christmas village under the tree - with the train going through it. I guess this one came later since I was actually allowed to touch the village.
  • making ceramic Christmas ornaments with my mom and going to Bill and Mary Lou's house where Mary Lou made some beautiful ceramic ornaments that we bought from her
  • roasting marshmallows and biscuts in the fire.
  • opening a few Christmas gifts early
  • visiting Grandma's house on Christmas Eve with all the family that could be here; and then driving home through Starke and seeing all the decorations and falling asleep shortly after that.