Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Comments Worth Mentioning (and Answering)

How to deal with photos that you don't have digital copies made, yet you've already used them on a layout? Several weeks ago, I posted about how I had used "heritage" photos on a few layouts before I had really made friends with my scanner. Now that I am, a commenter (Laura) suggested a brilliant idea. She said  "Nice job! You can always scan the whole page into your computer and crop the photos out. That's what I plan on doing with some of mine. Some of my stories could be told a little better. I have a lot of pages with no journaling. :)" . . . What a brilliant idea! Thanks Laura for sharing.

Finish It Friday Question: Again, several weeks ago, I posted goals I had for Finish It Friday. Tami thought she'd be cute, and asked a silly question of me. bcre8uv said...I finished my bag of mini Heath Bars today...does that count? ;)

My answer: Sure Tami, anything counts if you WANTED to finish the bag . . .

Jan wanted to know my daughter responded to my son from THIS POST: My daughter came home, and my son couldn't wait to show her the bags of goodies. She was pleasantly shocked and then she bent down and gave him a super hug, picked him up and carried him to the sofa to chat a bit. It was adorable. Thanks for asking, Jan!

From my Sesame Street post, Jeanne wanted to know if I remembered the Schoolhouse Rock videos? You know, I do remember those videos, though I never got to watch them when I was younger. We actually purchased those for my daughter when she was younger and I still really enjoy them. They're quite catchy! :-)

In other thoughts: I want to thank those that have stopped by just to say hi, those who have commented about my story-telling and my thought-provoking posts, and just showing me support while I more faithfully engage in my blogging adventure! I consider it an honor when you decide to take time to leave me a few comments and am glad that you are finding things that we connect over.

The kids and I have been busy, and while we have made a dent in our 10 things to do today list we are apparently not going to finish it all. We had to put in some homework time, and time for lunch too. The boys have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the woods and beside the pond today during breaks from the sprinkles. And if you're thinking that we are not paying proper honor to our soldiers on this solomn day, believe me when I say that we've been honoring them in our household all week and part of last week too (we just had a neighbor soldier who returned from Iraq last week, and the Ft. Hood incident). It was too rainy to make plans to attend a parade . . . and with 6 and 7 year old boys at home, we can't be "solomn" for too long. In fact, today, my 7 year old couldn't wait to color his "Army Veteran Soldier" that he made in class yesterday. More soon!!

Okay, off to play some more before M's tutor gets here . . . and my step-mom and daughter show back up with clothes to show off. (Wish I could go shopping for some girl time . . . and yes, I'll take some cheese with that whine.)


Laura said...

I remember School House Rock too! Loved those... "I'm just a bill, sittin' on capitol hill!" and "Electricity! Eeeelectricity!" Those were my favorites when I was younger. :)

And I would love a shopping day too. Haven't been shopping in forever. And if I do go, my silly hubby is always in tow and complaining the whole way! Not very fun. lol

Amy said...

Thankyou for such thoughtful and comprehensive posts!

Kathy M said...

Love the school house rock videos, but they don't have the same place in my heart as the sesame street stuff.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Thank you for posting about your daughter's response! I'm impressed. I think I was a huge brat to my brothers at times and wouldn't have been gracious at all. They both sound so sweet.