Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Morning in Photos

Yesterday morning we had our cinnamon rolls for breakfast before DD was picked up for a shopping day with her Nana.

M painted his Dinos (which he later used the box to create a backdrop for creative play with his dinos and L's dragons)!

L built with his legos while I helped M mix paint colors and open and close the lids.

Then L worked on his dragons. Notice the YELLOW on this dragon? Still fanatical about that color.

Then it became homework time. We did head outside and clean up a bit before this. I didn't take my camera out as it was drizzling pretty badly. I'm hating the weather right now. It's the most depressing time of the year for me. I'm highly "sun-oriented."

It's amazing the difference between L's eagerness for schoolwork and his capabilities from last year to this year. He used to need my help; he used to fight everytime we'd sit down to the table to do homework - always ending in tears. If you ever are considering holding a young boy back because you think he is just too immature, too not ready for school, I would never hesitate or question my judgement again. The second time around is night and day and so much better! He's a leader and his behavior is so much better. Whew!

As the afternoon hit, we played more outside though it was still cloudy and drizzly . . . so no pictures. Then K and M's tutor arrived at the same time (right at 5) and it was time to juggle chaos. I was exhausted. So, we didn't get the entire list accomplished from yesterday, but we stayed busy, threw in a healthy dose of fun, and did what had to be done on a day where the kids had to fit into my normal routine. Hope you enjoyed the snapshot into our life here at home.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your morning.
Loved your post : I am...stay at home mum. It must be so rewarding to be able to be there and enjoy the kids growing up.

Debbie said...

All looks very idylic and organised! Nothing like my house!!

Mary B said...

Lovely photo and I love the yellow dragon

Linda said...

Fab photos! I love the expression on your son's face painting the dinosaur! (Linda from Shimelle's class)

Diane H said...

Great phtos...looks like a calm morning!
Arrived her from Elisha's class :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wonderful perspective in your photos and in your writing!

senovia said...

I love posts like this! :)