Friday, November 13, 2009

Finish It Friday

Today is Friday the 13th, isn't it? Omy gosh . . . THIS is eerily one of my most favorite days of the year. I love Fridays and my lucky number is 13 (yeah, I know - odd . . . but it was my track number for YEARS), and I have had lots of good things in the past happen to me on the 13th. For example, my hubby's and my first date was on April 13 (which wasn't quite on a Friday, it was a Thursday, but that's still close) way back in 1995. Anyhow, tonight my former high school plays my daughter's current high school. It's a big rivalry for the two schools, as the principal at my daughter's high school was the football coach and former principal at the old high school. (confused? Maybe I'll detail that out a little more later, but I doubt any of you care enough for me to do that.)

On to my Finish It Friday post: (taken from Aby over at Creative Organizing)
  • Buy cheese and crackers to put together trays for the football party on Saturday
  • Search for a camera battery charger that fits EN EL-12 (have one that goes all the way up to 10, but not 12)
  • I REALLY need to hang at least a few paintings around my house. Having paintings sitting on the floor is a disaster waiting to happen with two crazy boys running around my house most of the time.
  • Start holiday planning with hubby: where are we going, what decorations do we want to add
  • Buy more mulch for the front flower beds that we changed the annuals out of last weekend.

I think that's it. Not a whole lot of "work" because I want to make sure there's plenty of time for fun too! We have M's end of season football party on Saturday afternoon/evening so that'll tie up a lot of time. Most of this will have to happen on Sunday, I'm afraid. :-)

Do you have anything to finish this weekend?? Maybe you have something to start too . . . Feel free to share in the comments section!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that picture!!!
And my brother was born today - in 1958 on Friday the 13th, so I've always thought of it as a good day.

Tammy said...

I like the idea of a Finish It Friday because I have so many unfinished projects. I may have to use this idea. You know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Great posts!

April P. said...

Yes, Tammy! I completely get that imitation is the greatest form of flattery! This idea is actually from Aby Garvey over at Creative Organizing (dot) typepad (dot) com. Thank you for visiting my blog.