Monday, October 26, 2009

One-Photo Layouts

I don't know what happened to my scrappin' style since LOAD started, but I've just realized when looking over my most recent layouts that I've really been doing a LOT of one-photo layouts. On the message board of our LOAD group, someone had asked about what criteria we use when we decide to do a one-photo layout vs. a multi-photo layout . . . and until that question, I never stopped to realize it.

Before I go any further, let me share with you several of the layouts I've completed for LOAD since my last layout posts. By no means is this all of them (I had worked on my 30 Days Hath September album from Sept. 08 as well as a few layouts from Ali's Yesterday+Today class that I'm not sharing at this point) but they are the ones that have had no real "predetermined" class or layout. The ones I sat down at my scrap table, browsed through some storage binders or category drawers and said "ah-ha, this one has a story behind it!"

 So, what I realize when looking at all these layouts is that a) I could tell the story with just one photo . . . and b) I didn't want to mess with trying to manipulate 8 photos of an event to fit on a 2 page spread and have it look pretty. During this challenge, I'm all about getting photos scrapped that I can work on in less than 30 minutes, AND that have a story to tell. Quite honestly, part of it is that I'm kind of out of that "event-based scrapbooking" right now that tends to lend itself to multi-photo layouts . . . those events that you have to cover hours (or days) of activities - Christmas layouts, birthday layouts, vacation layouts . . . just not where I'm at.

Seriously, it's part of the beauty of having a Library of Memories. Some of these photos are from 2002, some from 2004, and some from 2009. They'll be put in my albums in various locations to help tell a complete story of my thoughts, and my children's likes/dislikes/desires, from an at that moment perspective. I'm sure my future grandchild in 30 or 40 years will love looking back at my daughter's iPod playlist - maybe searching and re-discovering old favorites? And what about my daughter's desire right now to be the first female President of the US? I'm sure she'll laugh back at it in 20 years and say Oh yeah, I DID want to do that, didn't I? (Okay, the LOAD layout is for me, for a reminder of an accomplishment that I did of a hobby I enjoy doing!)

So, my long-winded point here? I use the number of photos I feel I have (and need) in order to tell the story. I had a lot I wanted to say in some of these (and honestly, I'm not into hidden journaling if I don't truly feel like I don't want to have those thoughts in the open). I've stopped making journaling be an afterthought on my layouts and so I make room for it. Does that make any sense or am I just rambling in my exhaustion tonight? I'm signing off for now. If that made any sense, do you seem to do the same, or do you have a formula for how to choose single vs. multi-photo layouts? I'd love to know!


Carrie said...

I've always done multi-photo layouts before LOAD.
My LOAD project is mostly one photo layouts, because
I'm doing another project at the same time: taking a photo a day. So I'm using the photo a day for LOAD. I'm having a lot of fun with the one photo layouts & I think I'll do more in the future.

S said...

I too am slowly but surely drifting away from "events" to capturing more moments, but I still have a huge backload of events to scrap and I'm not very good about having the camera handy when I should. We sure do learn a lot about ourselves as scrappers during a LOAD challenge, don't we?

Cheryl said...

LOVE your iPod LO! It's also very cool that you did a LO about LOAD. Great thoughts on scrapbooking, April - you said it well. TFS!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Makes sense to me. That's how I did LOAD the one time I did it too. Maybe two photos on a one page layout and it was all about the story. Far less about the photos and the "stuff".