Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Layouts from the Past

What I Like about This Layout: I like the story and memory that this layout tells about. I like the bold colors, too. I like the sequence of photos that are shown as well. I also love that this layout was done in under 20 minutes for my very first LOAD challenge back in 2008.

What I Would Change if I were to do this Layout again: I don't really care for the way that the stripes are going (even though I like the color they add). I also don't care for the splatter of photos angled around. I really think I'm going more for the linear/grid look these days.

What I Like about this Layout: I like that the title and photo says it all. Some photos just don't need an entire story to tell what's going on. Obviously, my boys are bringing in the trash can TOGETHER, and I am saying that I love them.

What I would change: Honestly, I hate that the balance on this just feels off. I used a design sketch, but between the papers and how I did the title, I didn't have sucess with this sketch. This was also done for the very first LOAD challenge back in 2008 and was probably done on one of my less-inspired nights when I needed to put something together before the deadline! haha! Honestly, I'd probably change that PP too . . . oh well. The photo alone is one of my favorites and it's worth having in my albums just like it is.

What I like about this layout: I like that I have something on the page besides photos and paper (in this case, stamped images that have been chalked). I also like the paper tearing. I love the photos I chose too.

What I would do differently: I would change the papers (not much of a fan of fall leaf papers). I wish I had journaled about how these pictures were taken on Christmas Eve Day - that THIS is when the fall leaves in Florida finally fall . . . not in the Fall. I hope I have another photo of my daughter with the reindeer necklace around because there's a sweet story of my father-in-law (now with Parkinson's Disease) going out and searching in the pile of leaves for that necklace when we realized it was lost. I'd love to tell that story soon.

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Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I still haven't done this exercise, and I realize it's important. I love the story about your father-in-law. That will have so much meaning for your daughter someday.