Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Check-in!

So, how'd you do? Did you accomplish a lot? I'm amazed at all I (and my family) got done, but I paid myself for it with moving slowly today! (Somehow I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work.)

So, what I got done this weekend:
  • bought pumpkins (one for M's class, one for each of the kids, and one for our family carving)
  • carved pumpkin
  • cleaned bathrooms (at least the toilet and sink and floor - no one ever uses that tub so I skipped it this week)
  • vacuumed floors
  • decorations out - but I'm not really happy with them. They look pretty wimpy in our front lawn . . . they'll work for this year, but we need a serious makeover for next Halloween.
  • laundry was done and put away
  • we didn't get a box unpacked, but we did get the corner units moved to the garage.
We also made time for breakfast Sunday morning at Dunkin' Donuts, along with some park time for the boys while Kristen went to a friends house. We also had my inlaws up Saturday late morning after we got our pumpkin and they stayed until it was time for football. Hubby also took L to get a haircut, AND we still watched football. Gators won! Whoo hoo!!

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Cheryl said...

This Friday/Monday thing is such a great idea! I hope the kiddos are feeling better. Glad we squeaked out that win (I was terrified we wouldn't... thanks for looking at my Homecoming recap, BTW)... hope this week's game isn't as close as they've been!