Friday, October 23, 2009

Finish It Friday

Aby Garvey over at Creative Organizing does a Finish It Friday on her blog for what she's setting out to accomplish in the coming weekend . . .  we tend to get more done with goals in mind after all. I thought I'd share my list of "to-dos" this weekend of things I need to finish.
  1. finish cleaning the house (one bathroom to go and vacuuming the carpets)
  2. finish decorating for halloween (the new decorations I picked up the other day, plus the ceramic ghosts I made with my mom when I was a child - need to find them in the holiday boxes from the move)
  3. finish the laundry - this includes folding what's in the dryer, putting that away, and washing the remaining load).
  4. finish unpacking one box and take the side entertainment center pieces to the garage.
  5. buy a pumpkin and get it carved . . .
sigh, it's been tough going this week to get anything done. I had two sick kids home on Monday, one sick kid home on Tuesday, and then today was a Planning day for the teachers, so no school yet again. It's been tough to get into my normal routine and I didn't walk at all this week . . . :-(


bcre8uv said...

I finished my bag of mini Heath Bars today...does that count? ;)

jillconyers said...

Hi April. Thanks for visiting my blog (via Y&T). I love the idea of a Finish It Friday post! I'm going to give it a try this week.