Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A few more LOAD layouts

Sorry I keep lagging behind on these. I don't seem to make it to blogger as often as I'd like right now . . .

October 4: Challenge today was to scraplift a layout that inpired you. This one was lifted from Lain. She had done it in 8.5x11; I did mine in 12x12 but used her pop of red and the simple line of photos on the right side.

October 5: The challenge today was to pull out some fall colors and create a layout. I pulled out photos from our trip to NJ in October of last year . . . the leaves changing colors is something I'll not soon forget.

October 6: The challenge today dealt with trying something new. I tried a template from Cathy Z.'s Design Your Life class that some kind soul made up for those people who were digital. Now, I've tried digi before, don't get me wrong, but I'd never tried it with templates. OH MY GOSH! It was so easy! 7 years ago, there weren't templates around . . . heck, there were barely kits around and I had to create my own eyelets and brads! A lot has changed . . . While I'm not super fond of this layout, and goodness knows, I'll probably never print it, it was nice to get this story down from a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

October 7: Today's layout didn't go along with the challenge (which was to finish something you had previously started), but I had been thinking of this picture a lot since a few days ago when I pulled those scenic New Jersey shots, even yesterday when I did the Thanksgiving layout, my mind was constantly on what story I wanted to tell about this picture. I will actually be using this photo again, as it's one of my favorites (not so much because of the pumpkin picking activity but because of the memory and his smile) because Matthew was going through a very difficult year last October . . . I have LOTS to say about the memories and what I feel when I look at this photo.

And on that note, isn't it amazing what a photograph can do? I scrapbook so that I can share these insights with loved ones and remember for myself in the not-so-distant future (my memory absolutely stinks). It's amazing how things can affect you when you're in the thick of them, and once you make it through the challenge on the other side, how looking back can give you clarity in moving forward. I love looking back with the mindset of moving forward, learning from previous actions, and seeing just how far we've come.

Sorry for the ramble! If you've stuck with me through the end, thanks! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Barb said...

Oh wow, your LOs from the challenge are awesome! I'm glad you're getting lots done for LOAD. :)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful LOs, April!