Saturday, September 12, 2009

In honor of football season in full swing, I'm sharing a layout I did of Matthew's football season from last year. I've heard a few moms on the team talking about how they bought an album last year for them to scrapbook their son's first season and they haven't even started. Say what!??! They're going to do an entire album of the entire season? For those of you who have found Library of Memories, can you even begin to imagine how boring that could be? I mean, our children are only 6 and 7 years old. Can you imagine how many albums you could end up with if they did an album a season for their entire football career? No thank you.
For me, I'll take summary pages like this one in a heart beat. This, along with a layout previously shared of Matthew's end of season party AND a future layout I want to do of some of his closer friends that he's made through football, will be the only football layouts I do from last year. I'm putting a few photos into category drawers as well, but for the most part, TONS of photos I took are going into cold storage. I think there's this thing with sports photography that you can't really tell how good a photo can be (or what's even happening in the photo) until you get them printed!
In football news so far, the Gators are kicking butt . . . yeah, they generally do the first two games of the year as they're chump teams. Next week, we take on Tennessee at the Swamp and that, my friends, will make for an interesting game! Matthew's team is currently undeated as well. We beat Yulee, tied Callahan, and beat Flagler today! They're doing AWESOME!


Cheryl said...

Love the Practice Hard, Play Harder! Wow, I can't imagine an album for each season. Oh, and GO GATORS! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! On the whole album of just 6 year old's playing football! You don't realize how crazy that sounds until you've found LOM.2 The sad thing is, is that if they haven't even started they won't ever. And then they will be forever 'behind'. It's either a whole album or no pages at all.

Hooray for LOM!

Anonymous said...

PS: It's me TracyBzz from BPS. Forget to sign my name.