Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Fallen Hero Returns Home

Friday was quite a day here in the Jacksonville area.

On August 2nd, thanks to our military search and one single nomad in the area who remembered burying a man as a young child with his family, the remains of Captain Michael "Scott" Speicher have returned home. He was the longest missing soldier from the first Gulf War - 18 years, 6 months, and 11 days. He moved here to Jax when he was 15, graduated from a local high school, attended Florida State University, and then eventually served in the Navy here. Today was his memorial.

While I feel so bittersweet about his homecoming (I kept hoping he'd return alive), I am very thankful for his (and his family's) sacrifice and that his former wife and two sweet children can put the unknowing to rest; that they can start to heal and know that their father is in Heaven watching over them.

May he now rest in peace . . .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The NEW Scrapbook Studio

Come on in!!!

Double glass French doors, right off of our formal living room, leading into the studio.

The view directly as you walk into the room from the doors. There's a white board on the floor that I want to hang up and I'm hoping to have a Target bookcase (tiered) against that wall facing the doors (in order to have some more storage and display area). The table is a cheapy, and temporary (I hope) until I can buy the Target table I want that coordinates with the bookcase. I'm afraid I'll run out of room however. The room size is only 10x10.5 ft. The walls are a very soft buttercream yellow. I love it and it's fabulous for actually keeping it's true yellow in all the lighting I use.

The window faces out to the front patio. It's a pretty nice view, but these photos were taken at night so the blinds were all closed up. The back wall is home to our former entertainment center. I am only using three of the five pieces and it works for now. I may think about eventually painting this or getting rid of it all together - but it works for now, and I'm all about using what I have on hand for now, so it stays!

This center unit holds my clip it up (which has alpha stickers by color and other flat stickers/embellishments by theme) as well as my Target cubes (I wish I had more of these). The four drawers are my Library of Memories category drawers, and above those (the three drawer unit) houses ribbon in one drawer, metal embellishments, and chipboard letters in the other.

The top of the center unit has some miscellaneous albums as well as a basket of favorite Fiskars punches.

The bottom of this same unit houses my Storage Binders by year for my Library of Memories system.
I'll be back to share some more later! The side units and paper storage . . . along with some layouts I've done since I've moved in! Thanks for taking a peek and let me know if you have any questions!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Looking Back

at my first home . . .

Still a little sad, looking back. I miss my stainless appliances, ACs that didn't leak, my hardwood floors and clean carpet. All those things can be fixed here at the new place, and it has such a better view (and my own scrapbook room) . . . and it'll all be worth it in the end!

A few layouts and Ella Publishing

that I hadn't shared from the May LOAD Challenge with Lain over at her ScrapHappy blog. I had the priveledge of meeting Lain (and Angie Lucas, Katie Scott, and Tami Morrison) at the CHA Craft Supershow last Friday (July 31). It was loads of fun to get to hang out while they spread the word of Ella Publishing - a fabulous new e-publishing company dedicated to memory-keeping. They will be selling e-books that you can download straight to your computer for a reasonable cost, as well as sending out a monthly e-zine filled with ideas! You should definitely go sign up now!!

Now, I'll leave you with those other layouts I had yet to share . . . though I do think there's some more! When her next LOAD challenge comes along, I'll definitely be posting here and I hope you decide to join me!!

This layout was completed using some product from one of the Cocoa Daisy kits I was getting. It was based on a challenge to create a layout about your family using an older photo paired with what you didn't know would happen in your lives when that picture was taken.

Ahhh, this one was created with paper that I actually bought two of (it was from a Scenic Route line last spring/summer). I enjoyed doing this layout of my boys having fun together, because 9 of 10 times, if you were to ask them if they love each other (or heck, even like each other) they'd answer you with a big fat NO WAY! This is proof of that otherwise rocky relationship. I enjoyed journaling on the rays of sunshine and adding all those happy blue buttons along the bottom of the photo.

Ahh, and the final one for now . . . Matthew is my speed demon. He loves all things speedy and fast and he operates in that manner too. He would constantly race cars up and down the sidewalk in front of our house as they left our neighborhood.

We've MOVED!!

Okay, as if it's okay to just up and leave everyone hanging for the last two months . . . I'm so sorry. Between summer with the kids and selling our house, then going into temporary housing in an apartment, and then buying a new house, life has been a complete whirlwind!

I'll update a little at a time with some recaps, but we've been very, very busy! We did buy a new house, still in the same community just a different neighborhood. I even have my own scrapbook room and I'm currently still unpacking and organizing. I'm due for a very big grocery trip today which I hope to get back on the couponing wagon, as well as update on the crafting world as well as on the kids!

More soon!