Sunday, May 03, 2009

Point Of View

Our most recent assignment in Art That Happens to Be Your Life was dealing with Point of View - both literal and figurative. We could choose to take an inspiration photo of another photographer and make it ours by putting our perspective on it, or change up our typical point of view. I actually combined both. I love the photo I took of my older son lying on the ground with his soccer ball, so I chose to have my younger one do the same thing. I'd actually prefer to get a ladder and put all of my kids with their heads together sticking out like spokes on a wheel (maybe that will make an appearance soon since it's not been done yet) . . . but that is what ATJ refers to when she says she'd like to see the ladder shot.

Here's the photo I ended up adding to the gallery for a critique. Here are Allison's comments:

What a great idea! Your light looks good and it's always nice to start with a concept in mind--I'd love to see that ladder photo! Your composition is not static with his head in the upper part of the frame and , of course, his crazy expression is cute too. I like that you consciously switched up your POV from your normal routine.

I'm sure somewhere around my blog, you'll see the photo I took of Matthew last summer, and it's a photo that I still just love, so I figured I'd let my younger son in on the act and get him also lying down, of course instead of having a soccer ball in his hands, he's being his goofy self! I love how it turned out. I added that I would love to get out a ladder and do this shot with all three of my kids in it - with their heads together and feet sticking out like the spokes on a wheel, which is what ATJ is referring to in her comment about the ladder shot.

I'm learning A LOT from reading her comments on ALL the photos in the gallery though, and there are some fabulous ones in there! I hope to be back later with some of the LOADs I've been working on!

Happy Sunday!!

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