Tuesday, April 07, 2009

These Make Me Happy!

Nothing has made me happier in the last two weeks than when I wear these! Heck I don't even have to wear them, I could just look at them from across the room. These bright and bold colors on these flip flops from Little Missmatched are fabulous, and they fit perfectly. I love wearing these the most when I'm in my house cleaning (doing those dishes or vacumming floors) and I just look down and smile . . . Okay, and I PROMISE that I do wear these, but I've been too busy to paint my toenails so I don't dare take a pic with my feet actually in them - and NO ONE wants to see a picture of that! LOL

I've heard about Little Missmatched for a while now from various online friends, but had never made the move to order anything. I finally decided on these beautiful flip flops because here in Florida, I practically wear them year-round. Their cute socks would just never get worn in my life. Anyhow, I couldn't be happier with these little guys! If you'd like to browse, there's a link to the left!

Happy Day everyone!!

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Cheryl said...

I knew about their socks, but had no idea they made flip flops. SO cute! Now, if only it would get warm enough to wear these...(have I mentioned that I *really* miss FL?)