Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LOADs of fun with Lain This May!!

I've signed up for a LayOut A Day with Lain again!! I'm so excited! I've never had so much mojo going as I did last winter (January 2008) when I partcipated in the very first one!! I wasn't lucky enough to get to participate this past February when she continued the event. The details and Q&A are up on her blog, but the short version is: $10 gets you daily prompts that you don't have to use, a private sharing gallery on flickr, and a chance to win all kinds of goodies IF you complete A LAYOUT A DAY! Come join with me and let's get some scrappin' done!

In other news, I'm entering the third week of Allison Tyler Jones' photography class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This week's lesson was about documentary vs. interpretive photography. ATJ will be critiquing tonight so I'll be anxious to see what tomorrow brings. I've got to find some other subjects other than my own children - they are SO DONE with me being behind the camera while they're in front of it. I had to take what I could get after trying a few times to get some decent documentary photos with not a lot of luck. I can't get my kids to sit still enough for anything. If you're in the OP/Jacksonville area and you're willing for me to do some photoshoots of you and your loved ones, please drop me a message! Otherwise, what do you think of these? They were all manual settings, so I'm still pretty impressed with the fact that they actually turned out at all!


Heather said...

April, These look great! I'd love to get together and have you take some pics of Viv, I'll call you this weekend. I got your message, things have just been hectic the past few weeks. I hope you took a picture of the GREAT EYELET HOLE before they took the counter away, I need to scrap that memory!

Cheryl said...

Your pictures are beautiful, April.

Now that I have organized and "scrapable" photos (thanks LOM!) I'm finally able to do LOAD. See you there!