Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some more sharing . . . :-)

Still haven't decided about the whole "Wednesday" thing. It turns out, they didn't officially ask anything, it was just an idea that my husband had . . . so I don't think they're anticipating having our kids there anyhow - just looking for something different outside of Gainesville since they already have done most of the stuff there. I "think" they're just planning on an early dinner and hanging out with us Wednesday evening.
I was taking photos the other day of layouts I had completed (when I shared the ones earlier) and realized there were still a few from Cathy's DYL class that I hadn't shared yet either. So, for your viewing pleasure, see below . .
. Really enjoying doing some 8.5x11 layouts. This one was various photos from my daughter's summer swim season.
Love this one of my son's first overnight trip to St. Augustine with my parents. He had a ball!
Kristen at Lighthouse camp one summer . . .
LOVE this photo of the boys

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