Friday, March 20, 2009

Time keeps flying by!

Look at my big kid!
So my middle child has started riding his bike to and from school with a neighbor, which while it's fabulous she includes him, is a little of a problem because they don't always ride (and well, I won't let him ride alone). The reason I don't ride him up there myself, you may be asking, is because my youngest HATES getting sweaty riding home and he's very distractable on the way to school (we'd have to leave 30 minutes early to go less than 1/4 mile).

Anyhow, it's looking like we need to break down and buy some type of seat for my youngest to enjoy the ride while Matthew and I exercise to and from school. My youngest also hasn't learned to ride 2 wheels yet - whereas Matthew came home his first day of Kindergarten and got to work. He wanted to be one of the cool kids riding his bike to school, and you know what? He learned to ride a 2 wheeler in three days - seriously was GOOD in three days . . . but I had Lance who was just in preschool and none of Matthew's friends wanted to ride (or didn't know how to ride) to school.

If you have a good solution for me to carry along my kindergartner - he's 5 and about 44 pounds - I'd love to hear them! I've seen the trailers and I've seen the 1/2 bike that attaches to the adult bike. I'd love to also hear opinions on those if you have used one or both - or if you've got a completely different idea!!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's a few other layouts from Cathy's Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking:

just a snapshot of our life in October 2004 . . . Love that I can pull a page like this together and be able to look back in 10 minutes!

seriously I hate these pictures (well, okay, I like the ones without me in them) but I was pregnant and ready to be done. My body does not like being pregnant even though my mind and heart loves it. I was never really naseuos, but the blood pressure meds and regulation was a PAIN in the NECK! I hate weigt gain and the problem is, I don't look much better than when that picture was taken - especially my arms . . . my daughter however was such a cutie, and my husband wasn't too bad either! So, I wanted to let everyone know, that just because you choose to no longer scrapbook "chronologically" it doesn't mean that a) you have to only scrapbook connections and b) that you can find other ways to scrapbook events . . . These photos were from egg-dying in 2002, but the layout is truly more about my daughter than egg-dying, and therefore will find a home in her section of my Library albums.

I've had a few requests to share pictures of my title and section pages from my library, so be looking for those soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some more sharing . . . :-)

Still haven't decided about the whole "Wednesday" thing. It turns out, they didn't officially ask anything, it was just an idea that my husband had . . . so I don't think they're anticipating having our kids there anyhow - just looking for something different outside of Gainesville since they already have done most of the stuff there. I "think" they're just planning on an early dinner and hanging out with us Wednesday evening.
I was taking photos the other day of layouts I had completed (when I shared the ones earlier) and realized there were still a few from Cathy's DYL class that I hadn't shared yet either. So, for your viewing pleasure, see below . .
. Really enjoying doing some 8.5x11 layouts. This one was various photos from my daughter's summer swim season.
Love this one of my son's first overnight trip to St. Augustine with my parents. He had a ball!
Kristen at Lighthouse camp one summer . . .
LOVE this photo of the boys

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wednesday dilimma . . .

to keep the kids out of school for a day of fun, or make them go . . .

My brother in law and his family are coming in town for the week (well to his parents home). They have decided that they're coming up on Wednesday to spend the day here in Jacksonville. Well, that's fine and dandy that their kids are on Spring Break, but mine, who are constantly struggling in school and have been missing days left and right due to illnesses, are being asked to take them out of school yet again for a day at the zoo. Now, as a teacher, I'm saying no way, and as a parent, I'm pretty much saying no way . . . but do I really want to cause a huge rift in the family because my brother in law and his family have traveled all the way from Texas to come and visit us for a day? UGH, I do not know what to do . . . I'm open to opinions. Maybe hearing ALL of the pros and cons would be a good thing. I know the boys would LOVE to head out with their cousin, as would Kristen . . . but it is kind of last minute and my younger two are having issues enough that showing them any kind of idea that school is not as important as the zoo or museum disgusts me . . .

I'm a little irritated that they'd even ask me this - since after all, they should know that my children can't afford to be out of school any more than they already have been in the last month.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Productive Weekend and How I approach Scrapbooking

I got to spend Saturday evening scrapbooking a bit on my closet floor!! HOORAYY!! (okay, do you hear the sarcasm because I really hate being on my FLOOR!) But it felt great to sit down and work on layouts for me, some that I've wanted to do for almost a year, and forget about our "decluttering" project and sick child for a bit.

Here are a few that I've been motivated to work on based on different approaches from Get Organized, Be Inspired. The main goal was to find out what felt natural to us in order to figure out where product and other items should find a logical home in our scrap space in order to help us flow better during creating a layout.

This was a photo first layout - I believe it went Photos - story - product - design. I only bought those sunflower paper piecings from a store that's been closed now for YEARS - and I bought them with the intention of using them with these photos. My daughter LOVED getting those little boutique dresses as gifts, and this was the first time that I really tried to take some more posed photos (with a 35 mm point and shoot) and they certainly didn't come out as anticipated. We were actually in Gainesville for an art exhibit that my father in law had done on Abe Lincoln. Needless to say, my daughter needed some "free time" for a bit and I was only 6 1/2 months pregnant with Matthew and had been on my feet for a long while. I'm glad I've got these photos (and more importantly the dress and it's story) now a part of our scrapbooks. This layout will be housed in my daughter's section.

This one was product first, design, photo, story . . . This photo was one I was so grateful for having category drawers for. I had bought the paper LAST St. Patty's day time so I could do a "lucky for" layout . . . I had no idea what photo(s) I'd be using, just that I liked the paper . . . so when I put it together this past weekend, I decided to focus on my husband. I went to my drawers, found this photo, and decided to write what I felt lucky about when I looked at it. As an FYI - this was the first photo of my future boyfriend, and husband, when we first finally got to talk. We had met 7 days earlier, but this was the party that we really started talking at and led to us dating. Look at how young we were (and skinny)!! lol This one will go into our US - together forever section

This one was story, design, photos, product (sorry for the glare from the flash). The design was from a sketch in Cathy's Design Your Life class and I was thrilled to use up even some more Scenic Route paper that I love. I did the journaling and used the design Cathy provided, then went in search of the photos and paper to coordinate. Another one for Kristen's section . . .

And finally:
This one was a Design First layout (design - product - photos - story). Needless to say, while it wasn't hard picking out the design first (it was a challenge to pick out the photos to "fit" and I will NEVER pick out product before I pick out my photos . . . it took WAY too long for me to find photos that matched the product I picked out AND the design I chose . . . whew! This one will be housed in our Things We Do albums . . .
There's one more that I'm working on - it was a tool first layout and I struggled big time. I don't even know if I'll finish it. Tools and techniques do not drive my scrapbooking and it was too much work the other night to really pick out what I was finally going to use (with what I actually still have here at home) based on tool/technique first.
What I learned is my natural flow is Photos - Story - Design - Product - Tool/Technique. I'll use this when i finally have space again to set up things in some zones. I also learned what part of the process I struggle with the most, and which really doesn't help me in my creativity, and I'll use that as a key to know what I need to purge, or what I need to find more resources on . . .
I hope you enjoy the layouts! I've really enjoyed the entire set of classes over at BPS. It does my soul good to know that I'm scrapbooking more as a family journalist rather than a boring historian trying to get all the facts straight and rather leaving me to tell the stories we have to share!
For now

Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Update and Thank Goodness for Storage Binders

My youngest is still at home sick today. We took him to the doctor Tuesday and he had a fever of 102.4, and since he's had a fever off and on for about three weeks with congestion, the doctor thought it may be a sinus infection now. He's on day 3 with the antibiotics and it doesn't seem to be doing anything (though at least he can function and he says his headache is gone). Don't know if it was a really bad infection or if it's just yet another cold for a kid who won't drink anything but milk (read: no vitamin c).

I've finally cooled off on the house from earlier. It's still the best one we've seen, but there are still issues with it. We had a garage sale last weekend and I've got to finish disposing of all the un-sold stuff by tomorrow. The house should be finished getting painted by Monday, and on Friday next week we'll have new landscaping! We're going to have some realtors come by this weekend and talk to us about marketing the house and start figuring out what we may be able to get for it. Should be lots of fun! LOL Oh, and it's hard to believe that the Photo Album Scrapbook that I started over two years ago for our house will soon be a completed and done process. We chose the lot, and the floorplan for this house - built from the ground up - and to think we'll be moving out of it hopefully in the next six months.

On another note, I was very thankful for my library system with my storage binders set up this morning. My son, while out doing some errands, asked in between his watering eyes and cough, if he could see some alligators. I told him, no, that we couldn't go to the zoo today. He was disappointed and let me know that he wanted to go to the Alligator Farm very soon. We then started reiminscing about the last time we went to the Alligator Farm and how old he was and if I remembered the baby alligators. Then it occurred to me that we could go home and while not exactly the same, he could see alligators in photos from that last trip. So, we came home, looked through one or two storage binders to find just the right season, and enjoyed sifting through memories. Mind you, he was about 2 1/2 in those photos. His memory never ceases to amaze me!

Monday, March 02, 2009

So I think we're in LOVE

Ahh . . . funny, huh? I saw a house a few weeks ago, that I thought would be too small and too expensive. On a whim, I looked it up online, where I found MORE photos than what was on the flyer. It really sounded too good to be true. Nonetheless, last week, I took my son who was sick at home that day to meet the listing agent and tour the house. I fell - quick. It just felt right. Sure, The master is on the other side of the house from everything else - having to go past the front door to go anywhere (which has been a pet peeve here) and the breakfast room is probably going to be too small for my new kitchen table - and the floors, while nice and "workable" are not full cherry wood floors - there's tile and oak . . . and the kitchen has no granite countertops.

HOWEVER, there's 18-20 ft. ceilings in the master and main living areas. 10 ft. ceilings in the secondary bedrooms - AND it's a preserve lot with water views in the neighbors yard - AND the rooms are HUGE - like 14x12 - and a laundry room that is NOT a walk-through, and you should see the storage shelves in the closets and the pantry goes to under the staircase storage . . . and it's a 3 car garage, and it's one house away from a cul-de-sac with lots of kids around . . . I keep thinking of all the things I am worried about and am going to have to give up with this house and I can't beat the lot and the room sizes and the storage and the feeling that I get when I walk through . . .

Anyhow, I started feeling I'd let it go. After all, our house isn't even on the market yet, so chances of getting it are super-slim. The house was on the market for six months previously before the new agent took over, and it didn't sell. I don't know what's changed, but Ed decided he wanted to see it this past weekend, and my love affair started all over again! LOL

Anyhow, there's a garage sale in our neighborhoods Saturday and Sunday. Our carpet is done. We've just got to get stuff to storage, get the paint redone and finish off the landscaping in the backyard (we need to resod since we've had mulch around the playset), and then we may be able to figure out what we can sell our house for to put an offer down on this other one. We shall see.