Friday, February 06, 2009

Time for an Update!

What's been going on with me? Well, I became addicted to Facebook for a bit . . . it's getting more under control, but it was a HUGE time-waster! I love it for getting back in touch with long-lost friends, but holey cow, just like there are apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone, there are apps for Facebook too! I'm currently in a Food Fling food fight with two very dear CTMH friends!! :-) Love ya, Donna and April! LOL

I've been doing some reading and scrapbooking lately as well! I'm getting revved up to help Stacy Julian teach her Library of Memories class as an alumni coach and also helping moderate the Reading Room over at BPS too! If you love to read, you should seriously think about joining us, as it's FREE! We've got a book list up and December's book is going to be chosen by the members of the class via survey!!


BonnieRose said...

so excited, I just got signed up as an alum for tis year's LOM class.. I can't wait to dive right in again this year, still tweeking some of my stuff I accomplished last year.. woohooo.. thrilled beyond measure! hugs, bonnierose

Cheryl said...

Glad to know you are going to be a LOM coach again this year. I just signed up to take it again as an alum and can't wait to finally get my system up and running. Looking forward to chatting with you!