Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking a Break

from moving our "stuff" out of our rooms! Here's to new carpet tomorrow!! Nine years with builder grade is the PITS! Anyhow . . . I've rented a storage unit and taken one trip over (with some of my least used scrapbook supplies :-( ) and I'm making a list of things to sell, things to donate, and trashing a lot! How is it that we end up with SO MUCH STUFF in our homes?? I'm really disgusted and wonder how any of this stuff ever fit in our house and kept us with any sense of serenity. I'm looking forward to quickly getting our house on the market and moving on. My life this week and last has been filled with paint estimates, landscape estimates, and looking at a few houses where we anticipate moving to.

Anyhow, I'm off to get the rest of the little stuff out of the rooms so all the installers have to move tomorrow are the beds and dressers. Just thought it'd be nice of me to check in since I hadn't in a while!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

by my fellow LOM friend and coach, Monica

Rules of the game:
1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.

2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.

3. Explain the photo.

4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

Due to the way my photos are set up in "highlights folders" this search put me at my "best of Summer 2004" photos. This was a year when we were given annual passes to the DisneyWorld theme parks by my parents for the last Christmas and I took my daughter to EPCOT one day as a girls' day out with my mom while my husband stayed at home with the boys. My daughter is pictured in her "Gator Gear" with Spaceship Earth (the big globe) behind her.
Thanks Monica for sending me back in time a bit! Now I'm off to tag Mary, Jeanne, Darlene, and Katie. Have fun ladies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo Filtering Process (tagging the best to seasonal highlight tags in PSE)

Okay, lots of questions about this, so I thought I'd explain my process a bit here. I can more easily walk you through this step by step. Remember, the purpose of the highlight folders is to filter out more photos. We take more photos than we can scrap in our lifetime - it's easily true, though not always as easy to accept. So, first step after uploading for me is to delete pictures that I just don't think are worth looking at again - either they're blurry, I got better shots, or they're too dark - whatever . . . I delete them.

Then, I always hope to go through this process I'm going to describe right away, but sometimes (oftentimes) things get in the way and I procrastinate until later (like 6 months later for me! LOL) Since it's been six months, in order to ONLY work with the photos I want in my Summer season highlight folder, I'm going to go to Find - Set date range. I set the range for the months I want in my "season" . . . in this case, it's June, July, and August. Even though we start school in August, I don't consider it fall . . . Take a look at the screen shot below:

These are photos only from my summer months. If you could see easily down at the bottom left, it has how many images are in those months. It shows 780. I can NOT afford to print or to ever find the time to scrap THAT MANY PHOTOS! Nor do I want to . . . can you imagine if you're parents, when you moved out of the house handed you 40,000 photos and said here, enjoy?? Crazy, isn't it? The idea is to filter, to give the best of the best over to printing to live in your storage binders so they are there and ready to scrap when you are.

I have my category/tags open over to the left ALL the time. I open up the subcategory where my 2008 highlights are all stored and start dragging over the photos that I do love the best. After dragging them over there, I ended up with 279 in that tag. Not half bad - actually, it's less than half! Please bear in mind that my summer is my biggest pile of photos as well - I have two children's birthdays, back to school, summer vacations, I went to a convention this past summer, AND I took Photography 101 over there at BPS too - so lots and lots of pictures . . .

So, from there, I click on the box next to Summer 2008 in order to have ONLY those in the tag in my browser window. I then go to the top menu bar and in the Edit Menu, scroll to Select All (aslo could do shortcut Ctrl + A). Then I head over to the FILE menu and scroll to MOVE (or Ctrl + Shift + V) and go to the Browse section - creating a new folder called Best of Summer 2008. I then click Okay and move them to their own seperate folder through PSE.

YES, these photos physically move out of the file that I initially upload them to (a month_year file) into their own seperate, which makes it so simple for me to upload to my preferred online shipping service - Shutterfly. Please know that I am okay with this. I can easily use my browser to find out what month or folder to go to in order to get more photos if I need to . . . This is a personal preference. Some copy their files to their desktop, or others email them immediately to shutterfly and place an order right then using the QuickShare service in the side menu with the tags/albums.

So, once I log into Shutterfly and get to the photo upload section. I open up my newly created folder and copy all the files inside and upload. I wait about an hour, come back, and go through and actually decide what I want printed and what sizes, and I'll sometimes try and crop in with their crop tool a little more. There are times when I won't print EVERYTHING in here, but that's usually because I've already printed it here at home and I still want it uploaded to my online archive in case of an emergency. Yep, I still print out the occassional photos at home if it's something recent and I've not done my bulk upload . . . Anyhow, once I decide on all of that, I place the order!

It's not too bad. Right now, my account is getting Free Shipping through the 18th with a $25 order, I've got the 20% off discount code via LOM AND I'm getting 15 free prints when I print 50. This order is going to be less than $50 - and I can handle that!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evolution of a Scrap Space

Okay, so I realized I mentioned in a post or two ago that I was in Get Organized, Be Inpired, and of course, it naturally led to a few questions and requests about my scrap space. Well, I have a confession to make . . . my scrap space is now non-existent and I scrap on my kitchen table. I'm more than happy however, to share with you my transitions from where I started to where I am now. I originally started out in a guest room (before I had a digital camera and ever would have thought to take a picture of it). When I quickly outgrew that (or rather, my daughter outgrew her room, we traded spaces. I inherited her lavendar walls (ewww . . . ) and she got to repaint her space into a more versatile and girly color than the coral "beach" theme that I had going on in there.
january 2005 - just moved in and haven't figured out what I'm doing . . . There are literally piles everywhere and I'm so embarrased by the whole lot of the pictures that I even had that much stuff that I can't show them to you . . . sorry. But, I can show you what I have (below) once it was all put together . . . I also made the move to be down here so I could be near my two toddlers (2 and 3) at the time who napped/slept/played in the next room and we were joined by a bathroom . . . It was quite messy for a while, and then I had a friend, who loved to organize and stamp and scrap, come over and help me organize and purge . . . and she took what I purged and had a ball with it . . . but nonetheless, below is what I walked away with . . . it was beautiful - even with the lavendar - it was "stored nicely" and acceptable I guess . . . I didn't function well in the room in all honesty. Things were not located in an easy manner for me to get to what I loved and used the most and it was just NOT inspiring to me . . .
July 2007

Notice it was July 2007 (I had just finished my very first round of LOM in May), but you can't see my storage binders . . .my category drawers all had red labels in the beginning . . . something I recently changed because the red just seemed too bold and it didn't "go with" my library much . . . at any rate, about 3 months after I took these pictures, we decided to move my two boys into seperate rooms. The older one was getting ready to start Kdg in August and their "bedtime" was turning into playtime . . . so, I was booted from my well-stored, spacious room into . . .
the bay window of my master bedroom . . . Wow! Talk about having to purge even more! LOL
It rarely gets sun, but the natural light is beautiful . . . it's on the northern edge of the house and outside is covered pretty well in some moss! LOL I always daydreamed of having a fountain or pond out that window so I could hear the water. Anyhow, that's pictured below . . .

This was my space until just last weekend. I am in the GOBI class and a week ago Saturday was "Super Saturday" where we were to clear out our rooms and then sort and purge our supplies. Of course, the week before, my husband and I decided that we were going to sell our house. True to form, nothing is easy and works out the way our best intentions had! oops . . .
These were January 2008, and below was September 2008 . . . not a lot had really changed. I had to make my table function as more of a "household central" too - and moved my printer there and my bills - so I had put my ribbon in a container and hidden it away (actually, it made it into a clear lidded plastic shoebox container and overflowed, and it was on the floor under my bed - basically where the photos were taken).
(oh, and of course, it was clean here) . . . My category drawers for LOM are on the bottom right, above that are three drawers which house various things depending on what I'm into at the moment . . . one drawer always houses my enlargements that I've sent to be in my category drawers but are too big to fit) and above that in green are my square punch drawers. I have a green wire basket with my thickers and alpha rubons, along with my paper trimmer . . . next to that is a clear plastic tray from Dynamic Displays (have 8 others which weren't being used, but are now - longer story) . . . this tray holds my few layouts that I'm currently inspired to work on as well as when I complete layouts, they make their way here too . . . my Start Here Jar is shown, as is my Tote-ally cool tote which replaced my white pampered chef carousel . . . The letter files are my bills and to-do lists, and my printer (LOVE my printer)!! I also had a plastic storage container of items put in "cold storage" to see if I'd use them or not and when I didn't get into them after a while, it was time for them to go - I also kept my Xyron machine and my Bind it All with supplies in my closet . . .

I'll post some more updates soon regarding how well I've done/am doing with my "big purge" and my new "storage space." Honestly, it's in pretty much the same shape as I left it last weekend because my husband had gone out of town and we had a LOT of appointments for the kids - ortho for DD, OT for DS1, and carpet and pressure washing for the house, along with Library of Memories starting and volunteering at the school . . . I've got to make some progress this week though, as hubby will be out of town again, and he really doesn't like seeing the piles when he walks in the house! (oops)!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


should not exist in my world! As if I'm not on the computer enough, now I'm addicted to yet another thing with apps everywhere! LOL

Seriously, though . . . where else can I keep up with all my friends, find long lost classmates from high school and college, AND save the rainforest 1 sq ft at a time by sending virtual gifts?? Oh, and let's not forget learning some fun facts of cities around the world via kidnapping (and being kidnapped myself) . . . passing drinks to get myself drunk when I'm not really drinking anything at all . . . Oh, and join groups with similar interests as you too - I'm in a Library of Memories group, Scrapbooks, etc group, and a photography group . . . seriously - the best kind of fun you can have on a Wednesday night, waiting for the kids to finally fall asleep while your husband is out of town!

The one problem I have with facebook is that I can't seem to keep up with half of my friends who keep sending me gifts. If you are one of them, I'm seriously sorry I'm failing at sending some back to you except once a week or so. I just went through my notifications and accepted all gifts (though I've still not gotten to the interview/note ones) and sent a few back your way! I only had 80 to go through! haha!

night everyone! tomorrow is Thursday and the first day of class in A Library of Memories!

Monday, February 09, 2009

One of my recent layouts . . .

This layout is pretty much all the stuff I absolutely love, together on one layout! Scenic Route paper, some rubons, AC Thickers, and a chipboard frame! It's a little more then my usual clean lines, simple style, but I couldn't resist. This just "came to me" and was really quite effortless. I hope you like it! I felt the need to do this layout for my middle child, who is really struggling with his grades, even though his effort is there and he knows the stuff - there's something going on with the output of having to write. There's a lot of hidden journaling behind the frame if you unloop the string from the brads.

I was actually going to add a few layouts, but realized I hadn't taken photos of them yet. This one was actually done back in January. In the last few weeks, I've been clearing out my scrap space for Get Organized and Be Inspired over at BPS and well, there's not been much space for scrappin' though I do have one or two others.

More to come!

Thursday's almost here!!!

I'm so excited! The 2009 class for Stacy's Library of Memories is once again about to kick off! I've been lucky enough to get to return as a coach, as are Tami and Rebecca . . . and Kayla, Maureen and Monica are new joining us this year! Kayla's special as she's a new digital expert coach that Stacy's asked to have join us and help have accurate responses to all things digital . . .

Anyhow, in the next few weeks, I'm going to be sharing a few pieces of my system as I start going through them. Feel free to follow along with me! Please know that I can answer any questions you have, but you'll never get the class experience without joining us! Stacy does teach this class through Big Picture Scrapbooking each and every year, so if it's something that you decide to do, save up and join her in the 2010 class!! :-)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Time for an Update!

What's been going on with me? Well, I became addicted to Facebook for a bit . . . it's getting more under control, but it was a HUGE time-waster! I love it for getting back in touch with long-lost friends, but holey cow, just like there are apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone, there are apps for Facebook too! I'm currently in a Food Fling food fight with two very dear CTMH friends!! :-) Love ya, Donna and April! LOL

I've been doing some reading and scrapbooking lately as well! I'm getting revved up to help Stacy Julian teach her Library of Memories class as an alumni coach and also helping moderate the Reading Room over at BPS too! If you love to read, you should seriously think about joining us, as it's FREE! We've got a book list up and December's book is going to be chosen by the members of the class via survey!!