Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Disappearing act!

I've been taking a class at BPS by Cathy Z! Lots of fun and lots of layouts to complete!

I've got a pre-employment meeting tomorrow with the local school board to start subbing.

I'm helping Lance's class get their Thanksgiving placemats done with their handprints and continuing to do Great Leaps with them.

Ed's on his way out of town for 10 days - including the weekend - ugh!

Holiday parties are starting up!

Football season is over. I kind of miss it, then again, I'm kind of glad I have all my kids home and getting ready for bed by 8 pm. Chaos ensued when I had to get homework and two dinners done for Matthew two nights a week.

Had a blast at a friend's adult-only Halloween party. Seriously, I haven't partied like that in years. It was lots of fun and lots of memories and good friends. Unlike some people, I actually remember what happened and how I got home! LOL Football coaches, soccer coaches and neighbors were all there. We've decided that we're going to do these parties once every few months - to hang out and let loose without breaking up fights and worrying about what the kids are doing.

Just thought I'd check in. The kids were all out of school today (odd in the middle of the week. Usually we celebrate Vetran's Day on the Monday before, not always on the 11th). Anyhow, I'v got to go work on homework with my middle child. Wish me luck! He so hates homework! Hopefully I'll have some layouts to post soon!