Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Give Yourself a PRESENT


I often get so bogged down with my to-do list and all the multitasking that goes along with being a soccer/football/swim mom of three that I forget to be HERE, in the present, at this very moment. I spent the last three months participating in an online class, with the last month working on being very present, very here, and loving every second of it! It's absolutely life-changing (okay, not as life-changing as Library of Memories, but it's definitely up there), and I'm inviting all of you to join along in Stacy Julian's challenge of Being Present! I'm planning on putting these, as well as many others, into my little Basic Grey Mono Mini Album when it arrives!

What a fabulous little gift this will be for ME! (You can see links to many more samples through Stacy's website since mine isn't complete yet)I want you to give yourself a PRESENT as well, as in the "here and now."

Here's what Stacy says:

You have everything you need right now to be vibrant and fully engaged in the creative process. Sometimes you just have to slow down, look around and realize it!

  • Snap ten photos of your life right now.
  • Compile these photos in a mini album.
  • Keep or carry this album with you (in your desk drawer or purse) for one year.
  • Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it from your purse.
  • On October 1, 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience. I'll be here to remind you and share my page!

So, will you join me, and dozens of other women, in being more present???

And to make it a little more tempting, as a gift from me, Stacy J, and Basic Grey . . . I have about 25 of these cute little albums to give away (until they run out) to those of you who leave a comment on my blog and let me know that YOU are going to participate in Stacy's Be Present Challenge! Be sure to leave an email so I can get your address and I'd love for you to share pictures as you complete your album!