Friday, July 11, 2008

Having lots of FUN!

I've been busy this summer with my kids and taking some online classes at! I just finished up Library of Memories as a coach this past June, and now I'm on to Have More FUN! (taught by Stacy Julian) and Photography 101 (with Barbara Carroll). I know the basics of photography, but I really need something to MAKE me practice a bit more and I think it's great that Barbara will critique a couple of photos a week and give us honest feedback! I can't wait to start playing and taking some fun photos and sharing. Stacy's class is having a guest teacher for the month of July! Last week it was Marjorie from Making Memories and can you believe, they gave away a Slice?? This week, it's the Funnest Scrapbooker Ever for 2007 that was awarded by Simple Scrapbooks, Tamara Morrison! I hear we have a surprise on the way to our homes to help us have even more FUN! I'll share when it gets here! I just love BPS classes and the community that is formed!


Celeste said...

I thought I would stop by. I am in your Photo 101 class. I also live in Florida near Gainesville. I am looking forward to visitng your site and seeing new photos.

Monica said...

How is the photography class?

Monica (LOM/Have More Fun)