Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finding the light

Our lesson this week is on finding light . . . of course, I have been going between pools and thunderstorms so I've taken what I can get! We were to do a "garage shoot" which I turned into a "front porch shoot" just to get different locations recorded on film for me to look at.

I of course also had to be "fair" and include a photo of each of my children.

Matthew with his "cheesy" grin . . . he is the one who most wants to see his picture, but not take a nice one for me . . . no amount of bribing works with him!

Lance is the goofball! He loves getting his picture taken and will sit and try many different facial expressions, just not when I want him to do them! LOL

I moved to the front patio for my daughter - nice afternoon East light . . . of course, she hates getting her picture taken and I had to bribe her with Starbucks for the shoot!

I've got one more "assignment" to do for the next week . . . I'm loving her critiques, though I wish they were harsher, so if any of you want to critique, feel free!!! I can tell I'm loving to turn the camera to get an angle on them . . . I'll need to work on that in the coming weeks!

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MAM said...

Your kids are so cute :)

Monica (BPS Classmate)