Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been . . .

Getting over a cold while trying to keep the house in order . . . I've not touched a scrapbooking product in over a week - unless you count the time my youngest tried to take one of my adhesives off my desk and I took it back and put it away. Sad but true . . . I HAVE TO finish up the scrapbooks for the elementary school and start on a packing list for our vacation . . . I'd much rather daydream about what the book Breaking Dawn holds for Bella and Edward. Will she turn into a vampire, and if so, who will do it? What will the wedding be like and how will her parents react?? One of the things Edward loves the most about Bella is her heartbeat and when her cheeks blush . . . how will he feel when there is no heartbeat any longer?? No blood running through her veins to make her blush?? Sad, isn't it??
Ahhh, back to life!