Monday, April 28, 2008

Movies and Scrapbooking (two of my favorite things)

I'm still here!! I've been busy and haven't had much time to share! After AI last week, I've since watched Phantom of the Opera twice . . . and a few other rentals this weekend included Cloverfield (filmed like The Blair Witch Project) and also Charlie Wilson's War. Both were good movies, albiet not "GREAT!" The suspensefullness of Cloverfield wasn't as much as it should (or could) have been, and Charlie Wilson's War was a good story, albiet, the message it sent was pretty much expected. It was neat to see the "behind the scenes" of the arms trade agreements and such.

I've also had a chance to scrapbook this past weekend. I've not gotten pictures of them yet, but the first is titled The Many Faces of Lance and has random faces he made during the spring of 2007. The other one I did, I actually just finished today, and it was of my parents (divorced since 92 and my mom passed away in 97). It was a photo taken in 1975 with hidden journaling using CTMH's Silouhette papers. I'm mighty proud of it, and even more proud of the heartfelt journaling that came with it! YAY for me! It'll likely be the only picture I scrapbook of my parents "alone" and talk of their marriage and divorce.

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