Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, actually the boys are all down at the pool, and K is still in St. Augustine with Nana and Papa. The two little ones will in fact be heading down to G-ville on Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening. WOW!
The beach was relaxing, though COLD . . . what the heck is up with all the weird weather??? We had a NorEast'r come through on Sunday as we drove down . . . and it only got colder. It was 55 when we went to bed last night and 48 this morning. Of course, we checked out at 11 am and headed into the City again . . . only to eat lunch and have the sun start peaking through. Luckily I had brought jeans, but no one else had. And then on our stop into Target they luckily had some sweaters on clearance! Geez, who would have thought. Did Mother Nature not get the memo that it's SPRING and that tomorrow is APRIL?!?!?
In other news, a LOM friend from 2007 is working on a project for BPS down in St. Pete (ok, yes, thanks to me since Paula emailed me looking for someone in the area!!) I wish I had lived closer. . . lucky Katie got some Happy Mail from Paula @ Big Picture for her help! I can't wait to see what comes of the fun stuff at Whimsodoodle! Maybe I'll get to make a little trip down there one day in the next few months and see for myself!
I'll share some pictures later . . . I just wanted to check in!

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