Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To a Role Model

Stacy Julian has been an amazing role model for me in my role as a mother and as a scrapbooker! Anyone I scrapbook with on a regular basis knows I follow Stacy and what she's doing and that is because I know she has a vision and I believe in that vision. She has goals, tries to balance life and a carreer in the scrapbooking industry and is a mom to FIVE (yes, count that FIVE kids) . . . while I know she doesn't do it alone, she is so good at being reflective about herself and what she's doing, that I just am in awe as I watch and learn.
Stacy recently decided to step down from her editorial role at Simple Scrapbooks. I sent her a private email through the BPS email letting her know what she and her vision have meant to me - just how much picking up her Simple Scrapbooks book, back in 2001 when I first walked into a scrapbook store really changed my life . . . but I want all of you to know that this is one awesome person. She is leaving Simple behind to persue something else (not quite sure what that is yet) but she has been (and always will be, I believe) an ambassador for the scrapbooking world.
Change: You can not change until you're willing to step away from the comfortable, and the safe . . . out into the unknown. Change is good and should be welcomed with open arms . . . it's how we grow as people and become an active part in our society . . . Welcome the change . . .
Stacy, I am so excited for you with whatever it is that you have in store for us scrapbookers!

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