Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Happy Things on Thursday

Just a few things that really made me smile today:
  1. When I dropped L off at school there is a car line and we just drop off our kids and teachers take them inside. This morning, an aide picked up L and she freaked a bit with the boys' rubber snake (it's really a L O N G one) in the van. They took it and laid it across the steps to the school and the director flipped out as she went to go pick up another child from the cars. One of them HAD to go grab the camera and get a picture. Thank heavens Julie has a sense of humor and that they all know how to have fun together
  2. On the way home, I got to see seagulls playing follow the leader and "chicken" with some cars! Seriously, one was leading them all, right in a line. The strangest thing was there was no food or anything on the road that they were trying to get to. They'd go high in a circle and then head back down to where the cars were at the stop light. There were about 8 of them. Of course, my camera was AT HOME!
  3. The delivery people bringing my bed today were supposed to show up between 3:30 -5:30 which would have caused Ed to come home early from work. Amazingly (and this NEVER happens to me) they called and asked if they could come EARLY!!! Can you believe it??? I was thrilled. I was able to finish putting sheets on before I had to pick up M! I can't wait to see if K even realizes .. . . It's not something that she would pay much attention to I don't think. We don't have a new comforter yet - still waiting to find the "right" one. Ed and I actually "found" the right one, but it's $400 at Dilliards and I just refuse to buy that one at that price, kwim?? LOL

More later . . . maybe!

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